Saturday, June 6, 2015


Since I want people to like (love) me, I need to send out well rounded trade packages, without ever forgetting to add a Bieber card, because I know it's a real plus. I don't buy a lot of high end boxes (matter of fact, I focus on cheap boxes only), which means that if I want some trading fuel, I need to shop around. And it's was time for me to get back on Ebay to accumulate trade bait. Not that I'm trying to lure anybody, as those are cards that I specifically buy for certain bloggers. Some of the cards I'm about to show, I got for me (I want people to like me, but I like to treat myself from time to time to some nice cards for my collection. I wouldn't want to pout because of me). Others are just fillers, ie cards I get just to lower relative shipping charges or not to pay a $2 Comc fee just for the one card I'm actually chasing. And sometimes...well, sometimes the seller doesn't carry that many other cards, so I'll just bet on whatever's cheap and looks nice to me.

My collection's a big mess.
But it does have its moments.

This one I chased on purpose. It's just a set that I like, and it was cheap enough.No need to over analyze it !

There's just something about Black's as ugly as it is beautiful, which might be why I live it so much. So of course, I needed the Griffey, since I already have all Blue Jays from both years.

I decided some time ago to get a copy of each Nolan Ryan Topps base issue, since his career spanned so many years and decades. So now I have 75, 82, 83, 85, 91 and 93. This might take longer than expected.

I've wanted that one for a long time. Since the first time I saw it, actually. I paid a little more than I normally would for a 70s card ($8), but it's not easy to find a cheap copy, so I figured I might as well buy it on Comc directly. What a great shot (too bad the feet are cut) of one of my PC.

I was just curious to see how 95 Slideshow looked, considering how much I love the ones from 94. I was a bit disappointed to see it was just clear acetate, but hey, it still looks pretty cool. Just not as cool as the original.

the 90s.

Now that card, I really, really wanted, but never thought I'd win the bidding war. I like what Panini did with Immaculate, and the lack of logo doesn't bother me the least. Plus it's an on-card auto of Joe Carter. Not just any Carter. Not Jimmy. Not June. Joe. THE Joe Carter. My first (and probably last) auto of his. And I won the bid for $4. That's an awesome deal.

Always fun to add game used pitchers' bats.

Andrew is PC and Manny will go to Mark Hoyle, at some point.

Another Andrew Jones auto (I think it's my third). A simple, elegant design. I like that card a lot.

I collect Maddux cards, but I'm very far from a super collector. I have binder space for him, but I don't try to add his cards at all cost. But I was very curious to see what, exactly, a game used bench was. And I got my answer. There were some serious All Star butts that sat on that piece of wood (hmmm maybe I should rephrase that). The photo really helps the imagination. That card is hilarious, I officially love it.

Those 4 cards are as random as it gets. I have no idea what I'll do with them. Those sweet spot autos are really great. I didn't really check to see who amounted to what in the majors (besides Hafner), but I do have kind of a hunch...

More SP, more simple design, more nice auto card, more randomness.

Yeah. I don't know. Ah well.


  1. The Chirography sets are beautiful, they really put some thought into making a card that shows off the signature.

    1. yeah, they understood early on (same with the Leaf signature series) that it's what was needed !

  2. That '71 Brooks was one of the first vintage cards I ever owned and it's still among my all-time favorites.

  3. Well, now I know what I need to send to you....some Nolan Ryans...

    1. I have some cards for you, actually...I need to send them out soon

  4. Good stuff! Love the Joe Carter.

    1. thanks ! yeah, like I said, I was all excited to see I'd won the auction. Not that many pop up on ebay

  5. Excellent set of random pickups.
    Sometimes I like to search the bay of e and bet on what is simply cheap and featuring a relic or auto..

    I'll put aside some more cards for your players collection for future trades