Monday, September 1, 2014

I got 99 UD but a b*tch ain't one

I like Labor day week-end. Not because I don't work today (my Labor day is May the 1st), but simply because it means that there are more day games in baseball. And when it's 1pm ET in the USA, it's 7pm right here in my little home. The perfect time to watch a game. Much better than your 7pm games, as it's then 1 am here.

Anyway, as I said, I got a couple of boxes of 99 Upper Deck to play with. 48 packs to keep me busy (of cards, I mean). I'm actually trying to get a box of each base Upper deck product. Those from the 90s are real cheap, but then it got all memorabilia crazy, and you can forget about cheapness.

I actually hadn't seen any 99 UD in person. None had shown up so far in team or player lots I'd purchased. All I can say is that I wasn't really impressed. The design is just too crowded, I prefer when they go full bleed and when there's more space at the back of the cards for photography. But I guess they had shares in a foil and gloss company and just needed to represent.

First, a look at the stars of that period :

As I was sorting them out, they started to grow on me. Because I found some nice photos, and also because they finally stopped sticking to each other like crazy and I could at last shuffle through them.

I think they might have been mocking Randy Johnson on that one.
They also got either real lazy or wanted to have their own Studio set :

Not too many inserts (and no, I didn't get a Babe Ruth auto), and it took me 24 hours to realize that the Piazza is actually serial numbered (out of 2 000). They were able to let go of their gloss and foil buckets for those. Maybe that's why I like them so much.

Then of course you've got your Blue Jays, with the brief Canseco stint, before he became a famous writer.

As for Griffey, well, I didn't get his base card (booo), but at least I got 3 new ones for the binder

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