Friday, September 5, 2014

Come see first

Today I got my very first Comc order.

Woohoo !

The cards over there are a little pricey when you're only looking for commons, but you can't beat a 3$ flat international rate for postage, so they got my vote of confidence. There were a couple of inserts from my collecting years that I really loved, and I decided to complete them once and for all.

First up, the 94 Leaf Slideshow. I already had the Alomar one, and it's one of my favorite cards ever. So of course, I needed the others, especially the Griffey one.

For those of you who have never seen one in person, those are transparent and feel like...well like a slide (remember slides ?). I absolutely love the way they feel. Scanning them doesn't make them justice, so here's another pic.

Ain't that a pretty Junior card ? Notice the special FX that went into the making of that picture.

Next up, the 1993 UD Ioos collection. I was only missing a few, and not the most spectacular, but they did include the Griffey and the Alomar, wich was kind of silly. I wish they'd have more inserts with great photography like that. If you know any modern ones....I heard of the VJ Lovero one, so I had to pick up a couple. They look really great.

Finally, I picked up a few random cards. Holograms, of course, because come on, it's holograms, what's not to love about them ? Plus, I discovered those 1996 Denny's full motion ones, and I definitely need the entire set ! A couple of fractal foundation I was missing, an Ioos All Stars Jumbo I had no idea existed. ANd I still have no idea where they come from (box topers like the Griffey Jumbos from 94 ?), and a pretty neat on card Romero AU from the great looking Topps Museum Collection.

All in all, this cost me 20$

In the mail today, there was another package. Sent to me by someone who contacted me on the Beckett forum, basically offering to send me some cards (yeah, I know, free BJs, hahaha). He sent me 350 great Blue Jays cards, including an SP and an AU. I'll detail the lot once it's all put in order. But, yeah, I'm happy.

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