Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Monty Burns

I usually do not buy complete sets. I don’t see the point.  I do make exceptions for boxed sets that look nice and for cards that appeal to me and that are way too expensive to buy a pack or a box of.
It’s the case with the 2005 SP Legendary cuts complete base set (90 cards). I’m glad they remembered that there were all those legendary players who were just begging to get back on cardboard and collectors who didn’t necessarily smoke 100 years ago. Those cards look nice enough, very elegant, and the lineup is close to perfect (not a single Blue Jay player (there is Molitor, but in a Brewers uniform), but I won’t hold it against Upper Deck), but I just wish the backs of the cards were more detailed. I’m not familiar yet with the products that exist with old timers in them, I’ll have to do my homework and see which ones are the coolest.

I scanned the Gary Carter card so my good friend Rich (hey there) could see it and be jealous.
Now the real question is, how do I organize it ? Do I put them in a binder or do I leave them in a box to look at from time to time ? Or I take out my favorite players and leave the rest in a box. So many questions. So little time and space.

Also in that category of boxed sets is the 1994 Upper Deck American Epic set. Man did they get it right. I'm deeply in love with those cards. Same as I was with the documentary when I first saw it on tv (our equivalent of the Discovery Channel, I suppose) in 1994. It aired during the summer, at 1 pm every day, and I'd never miss it. I even taped all of it. How long is it, 18, 20 hours ? It helped me a lot to expand my knowledge about vintage baseball and the players that made the History of the game. But the real question remains : how could this set have been made in 1994 and no one told me about it ?? No foil, no gloss, just full bleed pictures with a year, a name and the UD logo. Nothing fancy, nothing over the top, just some nice B&W photos of past greats (and one of Michael Jordan. It was 1994 after all). The people at Upper Deck even nailed the backs on those cards, with nice blurbs and nice stat choices.
I'll cherrish it.
I might even sleep with it.
If I ever manage to find sleep again.
I'll let you know.

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