Sunday, September 7, 2014

Quantum Leap II : return with a vengeance

The second surprise package came courtesy of The Junior Junkie. He's been great with me from day one and he's the main reason why you're reading those lines (thank you for that, btw). His blog is also very fun to read and I just love his overall attitude towards the hobby. The more I read blogs, the more I realize that many of you also feel that way (you know who you are).

Anyway, he sent me a full 400 count box filled with Blue Jays cards from all eras, and a lot of those I needed. Base cards, inserts, oddball, parallels, serial numbered, you name it. All great cards, and some I had no idea existed. Some Topps, Bowman, Score, UD, Donruss, Pacific, Prizm (ah well), Stadium CLub, Ultra, Fleer, Sportflics (I love Sportflics) and plenty of others. The ones that stood out though are those 3. I didn't know this insert existed, and I think they look real cool.

But there weren't only Blue Jays cards in that box...TJ collects Griffey Jr cards, and so do I. Ok, he has 10 times more than I do, but still, we share that interest. And he was nice and generous enough to part with some of his collection, even though he normally never does. He sent close to 80 Griffeys (80 !!), and I think that's when the endorphines levels in my brain just shot through the roof. I think it started singing the Everything is awesome song from the Lego movie.

I've wanted this card forever. For a very simple reason : I have a t shirt with that card on it. I picked it up in 1994. Griffey + Baseball card on a T-shirt ? I had to have it. I still have it in my cupboard somewhere, actually, all washed out and all.

Two other cards I've wanted for a long time. The first one because it's iconic (and a great picture). Maybe not as iconic as the Bo Jackson B&W, but still. And the second one, because you see him bunting. Of the thousands of photos they had, they didn't chose one where he was playing center field or showcasing his home run swing. no. They chose bunt. Great card, and one of the rare decent Score designs.

Those two cards just may be the reason why I got into collecting. They are improbable and incredible at the same time. When I saw the one on the left for the first time on The Junior Junkie's blog, I knew I had to have it. Thanks for reading my mind ! The hologram shouldn't even exist. But I'm so glad it does. It probably would've been my favorite card, had it been around when I was 8.

A die cut gone bad, and a die-cut gone great...I'll let you pick which is which.

And finally, some great photos, some great cards. Are all masterpieces cards that great looking ?

Thanks again TJ, you really made my day. My week-end. My week. My month. I'll have to find a way to make it up to you.
Now I just need to find enough 9 pocket sleeves for all this...

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