Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ebay drunk dial

I had completely forgotten about this one.
I was sleepy, just looking at some lots on ebay, when I saw it : 100 different Blue Jays cards, 1 bid, $1.9. I figured what the heck, I might as well, even with some doubles it's worth it. So I placed a bid at $2, figuring someone would overbid at some point (I mean come on, it's 100 Blue Jays cards, what's not to like about that deal ?), and just went to sleep. I can never win a bidding war on ebay because they all end around 4 am my time. And there's nothing important enough in this world to make me get up at 4 in the morning. I just place maximum bids and live with it just fine.

Of course, I won (I mean, come on, it's 10à Blue jays cards, of course I won). $2 is an ok price. Except it's never $2. Free shipping is for US residents only. I had to pay $8 (which incidently isn't that bad). So that's 10 ct per card. Fine by me if it's not 80s and 90s junk.

I got the package this morning. It cost the guy $12 to send the package. He actually lost some money by sending those cards. I almost feel bad. Almost. I just finished sorting them out, and there're 30 cards I needed. Just your basic base cards (there is a Frank Thomas in there, so I'm happy) and a Chasing History insert, wich is what you'd expect from such a lot. It's fine by me. I still went from 10 ct a card to 30ct a card. That's a lot for 92 Donruss and 93 Select.

As a side note, there were only 97 cards in that lot. 96 Blue Jays if you take out the Red Sox one he included by mistake. I don't know how they do it, and it shows a lack of attention, but I have yet to receive a team set that's 100% accurate. There are always other teams that make their way. Such a slap in the face...

This time I promise never to buy a team set again off ebay.
Or at least, not while I'm half asleep....

ps : remember when the Blue Jays, a few weeks back, had an 85% chance of making the postseason ? good times...

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