Thursday, September 25, 2014

let's trade for 70s

As the Blue Jays are eliminated from any sort of post season contention, and as I am right now watching their pretty much meaningless game against Seattle (who are all but eliminated), it seems fitting to receive a semi-surprise package from Richard at . He read on my blog that I only had one card from the 77 set, and instantly offered to send some out for me, from his own stack of duplicates. Let the record show that Tony, from the great blog off hiatus baseball cards, offered to send some out too, but was beaten to it by a small margin. I feel like a princess right now. It's pretty nice.

I'm a newbie on the block, but one thing I've learned from that great blogosphere community, is that you always get more than what was originally planned. I guess it's a unwritten rule and that's it's really all about making the other guy (or girl, of course, but I'm a princess right now, remember?) happy and just have fun with the hobby. It's only cardboard after all. So of course I didn't only get cards from the 77 set, I also had some from 78 and 80, filling most of my needs from those years. The 78 ones were actually the very first ones I ever saw, and I must say I love them. Now I won't hate on 2014 Donruss so much, knowing where they got part of their inspiration from (nah, they're still very ugly cards).
Included were also a few Delgados and Wells, which are always a nice addition.

When I collected semi-heavily in the early 90s, I was only into, well, 90s stuff. So it's great to see some much older cards from the pre-ridicoulous era, with all their flaws and approximities (can you hear me, first year Fleer ?). I need more cards from the 70s. Those Keloggs sets look amazing.

Anyway, thanks a lot Richard, and who knows, maybe there'll be better pitching and less injuries next year. We never know.

 I won't lie, I don't know much about those players. I do have a book on the history of the Blue Jays, from their creation in 1977 to their first World Series win in 1992. Haven't read it in 20 years. Maybe it's time...


  1. Awesome cards Kevin. Richard is the man!

  2. The best of the bunch you have on display is Diamond Jim Clancy. He lasted over a decade in Toronto and was a real innings eater for the team in the early years.