Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bad die cut days

I've said it many times : Ebay is my LCS. It's sad, I agree, but that's the way it is. And factoring in shipping charges is as if I had to travel 150 miles to get to that LCS and pay for gas. Only to find dollar card boxes and nothing cheaper, and no deal to be made no matter how much I spend. Yeah, that's a crappy LCS, but at least, it's one I have access to.

So here I was browsing, and I started bidding frantically. I tend to get frantic because the other day, I won a .50 ct auction. I had my eyes on another card that I did not win, and was just bidding on that other one to soften the shipping costs. And it softly bit me in the ass. A 50 cent card I'll end up paying $5 for. Ah well. It comes with the (French) territory.

So here's what I got from that seller. Nothing exceeded $1.5 and total shipping cost was $9, which is very reasonable. There were 3 other cards I'm not showing because they're going out to ******

Don't ask...I think I just wanted to see what exactly that card looked like in person, if it was as 90s crazy as it seemed. And guess what : it is. A bad die-cut day.

If you'd found that card in a dollar bin, you'd never have picked it up. Yet, I did. Always nice to add a Halladay to the collection. But yeah, it's absolutely not worth .99cts

Do not check your browser, yes, you are still on my blog, and yes, this is a Prizm card. The worst cards ever made in the history of bad card designs. And yet, I bought a Prizm auto. A sticker at that. And I'm glad I did. Even though it doesn't look like Dickey (do people make fun in the US of people named Dickey ?) will have a killer season.

This is my second auto of a player who never made it to the majors in a Blue Jays uniform. Not bad. It's a great looking on-card auto nevertheless. If an LCS had a Blue Jays box filled with overpriced cards, I'd be all over it. I'm stupid like that.

Great player, great patch, very nice set. Woohoo !

I do not know why I bet on that card. Really. I probably just liked the looks of it, and I still do. But it suits in no way my collection. Good thing I don't really care about that, I just like nice cards.

Speaking of which, here's another one I picked up just because of its good looks. That's an awesome patch of a player that was never able to really show his full potential because of injuries. Ah well. That card was probably pretty hot in 2004. Assuming that SOME people collected cards back then.

Finally, and I haven't shown any basketball in a long time, a sticker auto of a favorite of mine from way back when.

So there you go. Nothing fancy, just nice cards. I'm glad I made the trip.


  1. I don't know, I've seen worse die cuts. I'd say that one is middle of the road, in my opinion.

  2. I love Throwback Threads. I've seen some really nice patches come out of that stuff.

    Since you love PRIZM so much we can open a box of 2014 if you want. It is a good deal!

  3. That Prior was probably going for three figures back in the day.

  4. At least you can tell that the Clemens is a die-cut, unlike some of them where the company literally just rounded a corner on the card.