Monday, April 13, 2015

Talkin' bout a revolution (and it sounds like a cracked whisper)

I love trading with Julie. And I know we all do. She always puts a lot of thought and attention in her selection of cards, and she'll never just quickly put together some cards with a Blue Jays logo on them, slam them in an envelope and call it a day. I don't know if it stems from her Post Office background (Bukowski comes to mind), but she delivered yet again (haha yeah, I'm hilarious). She sent me a 400 count box filled with awesome cards, with some private jokes, a box that has friendship and care written all over it.

I'll divide it into 2 posts. The first one will focus on non Blue Jays items and the second one...well, you do the math.

The box was filled (and I mean, crammed) with cards, along with some 94 O pee chee packs and a team bag with all those Kellogg's 3D cards. Those are amazing !

Just when you think it couldn't get any better Kellogg's wise, here's a fridge magnet commemorating the Champions du monde. Bravo les blue jays, as Tony says !

Great looking '52 Bowman !

Some more great vintage ! I don't know about baseball history as much as most of you guys, but is Andy Pafko known for something else than his condition sensitive '52 Topps card ?

Julie also always sends the best random cards :

I specifically asked her if she had that Biz First Pitch card, so thanks for remembering I needed it ! She managed to dug out another one alos, so yay

Julie knows I sell books for a living and that, well, I read a lot. So those two are appropriate. Though I'm not too sure about that Diary of a wimpy kid parody

The French Revolution ! I hope that people who are interested in history on't actually read the backs of A&G cards, as Topps doesn't exactly get their facts straight (or they misread the wikipedia page). It wasn't the working class who overthrew the Monarchy and the revolution ended in 1799, not with the execution of King Louis (that happened in January of 1793), but with the arrival of a certain Napoleon Bonaparte.

Completely random. And of course, perfect.

She knows I collect basketball cards sporadically. So she knows I'll always welcome a Jordan card. Especially in a baseball uniform. And to think of how he destroyed the competition from 96 to 98, good thing he stopped swinging at air. (ooooh, Air....another pun !)

The Michael Jordan of Baseball from 94 to 97

Gold Glovers project !

More gold glovers, this time, catchers. I had never seen those white bordered Gypsy Queen cards. They look ten thousand times better than the regular cards, they should stick to that design. And even that Prizm card looks nice. God knows I hate Prizm, but good job, it looks like a typical 90's insert (Leaf, anybody ?)

Three cards from Triple Play gold glovers

Maddux...hmm...what is the plural of Maddux ? Madduxs ? Madduxes ? I'll go with Madux cards, it's simpler. 90'sssssss !
 Big Hurt !

Two-sports stars with not always stellar numbers but I mean, come on !

And finally, also included was a pack of 87 Sportsflics, with 3 cards + a couple of team cards. And well done, my friend, the two team cards are actually my two favorite teams.

I'll be back soon with the rest of a very, very fun trade !


  1. Man, that Crash Test Dummies cards is fantastic.

    What a great group of cards. I bet that was fun to sort. Julie is a great trade partner!

    1. My smile hasn't worn off since I got the box !

    2. doing my part to keep France an ally :) I almost tossed the Dummies. Such an odd card deserved a better fate.

  2. I also just received a box o' cards from Julie today and it blew me away. Looks like she put together quite a selection for you! That '58 Podres is sweet, and I love the shot on that '99 Stadium Club Frank Thomas card.

    (And Bukowski's "Post Office" is one of my favorite books of all-time.)

    1. I absolutely agree with everything you wrote, Nick ! Bukowski is one of my favorite writers (I'm actually doing a musical project around him, and hope to finish it before I'm too old), though I prefer his poems to his novels

    2. My nerdy desire for continuous education keeps fiction at the bottom of the reading list. No doubt I've missed many a good read! As a former postal clerk, I should give this book a try.

    3. Pafko and Podres scanned so nicely, looking much better than I recall! Both are attractive cards. I love the old Braves logo.

  3. I love the Kellogg's cards. One of my goals this year is to put together on of the sets...and one of my long-term goals may be to put together all of the sets! Those things are just awesome!

  4. So many awesome cards... but the Biz Markie First Pitch tops them all!