Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Trading with Julie part deux

It's now time to have a look at the Blue Jays portion of the fantastic box Julie sent me last week.
Maybe this will help them win tonight, who knows.

A couple of nice autos ! I have more sticker autos from Lind than any other Blue Jay. Ever. The man signed a loooot of those.

I try to chase those, as I find them really beautiful (yep, absolutely, beautiful). Julie collects Tigers cards, so this is probably her way of extending her friendship, as Gose now plays for them (and plays very well so far). Glad to add that one to my collection !

As much as I hate Panini Donruss base, I do like that relic a lot. And the second one is low numbered (14/25), but Donruss proves that they didn't wait for Panini before going for bad designs and curious ideas.

The Junior Junkie just made a compelling and heartwarming case for Donruss. But nope, there's no going around it : those are really ugly. I'd like to say they're a bit less horrible than last year's, but I can't really tell the difference.

Shiny Paninis ! Brrrrr
 My first taste of 2015 Heritage, and it's a big slurp, as this knocks down most of my Blue Jays needs ! That Jose Reyes is actually one of those bubble gum stains variations. It's a fun idea, but I can't help but shrug.

More modern shinyness !

I'm still missing a couple of 2014 Stadium Club (Bautista, notably), and THAT is what a baseball card should look like.

You can't really tell from the scan, but those are really shiny also. Nice group of prospects.

More random goodness

Julie didn't know this, but that Carter card has been very, very high on my wantlist for a while now. There's everything I love about a baseball card on there. Some foil, some gold, a simple design, Joe Carter on it, and it's embossed and numbered (/5 000). Which, in 1995, was a huge deal. Leaf was on fire at that point, inserts-wise.

More 90s greatness. That Carter one is the gold parallel, and I didn't have it. I'm also a fan of 1st day production, though I shouldn't as they are really tough to find and are just another annoying parallel to chase for us team collectors (Select certified Gold, anyone ?)

Love them all. Even the Orlando Merced in that Pirates uniform, but only because I really like what they did with Fractal Matrix, as confusing as it was at the time (and still is, but I'm not very bright)

And finally, some older ones and oddballs !

Thanks again for all the great cards, Julie ! I'm a polite guy and I always appreciate any cards sent my way, but your package really , truly hit home in many ways and made me very, very happy.
Let's do this again soon !


  1. So many great cards. I think my favorites are all the Donruss cards :)

  2. Leaf Stat Standouts were so hot back in the day. I found TWO of these in the same quarter box at a recent card show. One for me, one for thee! Joe's gold SP Holo - 25 cents. Hope you're still smiling. 8^)