Friday, April 10, 2015

Joys of watching baseball

You know what I'm doing right now ? Well, I'm watching the Blue Jays play the Orioles. Live. On my Tv. Via Mlbtv.

This probably seems mundane to you, but it would have been unthinkable to me 20 years ago, when I was actively collecting cards. I've already written about this, but forget about watching baseball on French tv, it simply does not exist, and never has. No boxscores either in newspapers, even in those that focus solely on sports. You'll find NBA, sometimes NFL (never NHL), but no MLB. Not even a picture in a magazine. You'll never see a baseball jersey worn by someone on the streets. A cap from time to time, mainly with the Yankees logo, and sported by someone who couldn't spot Jeter if he was just in front of him.

The only baseball I'd get at home would be once a month, because I subscribed to Beckett. My dream back then (yeah, I had stupid dreams) was to subscribe to Sports Illustrated. It was a distant dream, as it'd cost $180 for a one year international subscription. Digital magazines now make things easier, but it's really not my thing (I'm old fashioned, I like the feel of paper), plus they aren't always open to international customers (SI isn't, for example). I did treat myself to a one year subscription a few years ago, so I can finally scratch it off my bucket list !

Right now, it's 10 pm here. That's the great thing about baseball : day games. When you're pestering because you're at work and can't watch the game, I'm all happy because it means I can spend a nice evening watching baseball. 1 pm games start at 7pm here, which means your 7pm is my 1 am. I usually go to bed around 2 am, so that means I can never watch a 10pm west coast ball game live.

I don't have any cards to show today (though I did receive an amazing box filled with cards sent by Julie from A cracked bat), but I just wanted to share my joy of being able to watch live baseball. The Blue Jays are leading 4-1, and I never have to worry about local or national black out restrictions. Bautista just hit a stand up double. Things are looking good.


  1. I still look forward to when I can sit and watch a game without interruption. That doesn't have much these days. Glad you are able to catch the Jays game!

  2. That is exactly the reason that soccer/football is getting bigger and bigger in the US. TV coverage 20 years ago was nearly non-existent (though I can definitely remember a highlights show with Eric Cantona doing his kung-fu kick into the stands at Crystal Palace). Now, we have about three or four stations basically devoted to it.

    Put the game in front of people, and they will watch it and learn to like it!

  3. Glad you are able to get the games now! The various league's programs where you get every game may be the greatest sports invention since trading cards. I have the NBA's League Pass and I love it- I watch multiple games, or parts of multiple games, every single night. I've seen every team in the league at least a dozen times this year and last year, the first two years I've had it.

  4. I don't watch baseball anymore (unless it's live minor league or college baseball), but I will say this.

    Delmon Young is human garbage.

  5. Yay! Enjoy the games with cold beer and HOT DOGS! The hot dog doesn't sound like a delicacy enjoyed by many in Franceland.