Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Junkie by Nature

All the good titles with Junkie in it have already been taken. The man has, after all, sent out 60 envelopes throughout the blogosphere and even one across the ocean. That's where I come in.

Plus, Naughty by Nature did sport baseball bats on their logo, so I'm not completely off-topic. Yay

Because TJ knows it's a lot more hassle to get cards in France, he always makes sure to hook me up with a ton of them whenever he sends out a package. This time he sent yet another 300 card-box my way. You crazy kid (no wonder it came out to $180 to send everything out. Mine alone was $22. Not that it should keep you guys from trading with me, it's not always like this !). Here's a sample of what was in there :

A very nice card of a very nice guy from a set I don't know much about (Megacards)

TJ knows all about my love for holograms !

A couple of days after I received that card, the Blue Jays announced that Osuna would make the main roster. He's the youngest in BLue Jays history to ever achieve that. Well done, mr Junkie, you did your homework !

The set that started the auto craze. Still one of my favorites.

Unlicensed cards ! Dalton Pompey also made it to the opening day roster, but that came as less than a surprise. They're expecting a lot of great things from him. We'll see if it helps me not miss Gose too much in centerfield.

Minor league cards of future greats !

That Snider is a "glossy 1 of 1" (says so on the sticker). I'm really not sure what it means, but yay, a 1 of 1 !

Now, that set had no 1 of 1 to speak of (more like several millions of each). Was it really necessary to make even more cards from that set ? huh ?

Love those stickers.

This card is very, very die-cut. To the extreme. I do not understand the concept of it.

  Shiny cards ! the Topps Chrome ones are SN to 199

Neon Deion PC ! The black gold Leaf parallel is one of the best ever executed.

Bo !

TJ also sent a bunch of Maddux cards my way.

 How could I possibly be missing that 93 UD, considering its my favorite set ever ?

I added Mattingly to my PC only a few weeks ago, and TJ was paying attention. Of course, since I only have something like 40 cards of Mattingly, it's pretty easy to find some I need. And he sent a lot. Look, a Topps timeline !

And I mean, A LOT.

Seriously. A ton of Dons.

So many it's almost ridiculous.

You know what ? I like that pin. Not my favorite logo, but it has a nice overall look.

When you prepare 60 packages, sometimes you get mixed up. Olerud is not in a Blue Jays uniform, and they share the same name and uniform, but Reggie isn't Deion.

And the thing that cracked me up the most is that TJ sent out the box to Kevin Papoy.
Because he was in a hurry and didn't have time to go and find my real name in his elaborate spreadsheet. A good thing I live in a small village where the postman knows me well ! He's probably still scratching his head.

Thanks a lot TJ, I owe you a ton of cheese.


  1. That Wells '88 Donruss buyback is hysterical.

    1. Right!?!

      I also hadn;t noticed that 1/1. Enjoy!

    2. They did learn from their mistakes, and numbered it out of 1988. So unreal

  2. I've been tempted to ship to Kevin Papoy. My right thumb is shot, so writing can be painful at worst, hard to read at best. Also I'm lazy. ;) Nice junk from Jr though! Super generous blogger!

  3. What a mix of cards! That Wells is priceless!

  4. While everyone else is enamored with the Wells... I'm obsessed with those Fleer stickers... especially the Grand Slam Hi-Gloss one.