Thursday, April 23, 2015

Trading for mustaches

Richard has a bunch of Blue Jays cards he's trying to unload, as he's focusing (well, trying to) his collection on Joe Carter cards. And since many are sent my way, whenever I get a double, I never forget to add it to my Richard stack and once in a while I'll send him some his way. To thank me for my surprise package (I love surprise packages), he looked at my want list and fille the wholes in many of my non-Topps 80's needs.

Plus that card :

There's something weird about that card. Burnett had one nice season out of two for the Blue Jays, so he's a player I like, but there, it shows him in a Marlins uniform beside a Yankees logo. Even though he played for the Blue Jays in 2007 and 2008 before joining the Yankees in 2009 (date of that card). THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. Or maybe they didn't want people to think this was a Blue Jays only card. I dunno. I'm pretty sure there are as many Blue Jays collectors as Marlins collectors, if not slightly more (does anyone know a Marlins collector ? Do Marlins collectors have a special handshake ? So many unanswered questions...)

The Barry BOnnel card is either a cool photo, or a very badly cropped one. I have yet to decide.

The day of the mustache...a nice trio of smiling mustaches on top, and some...Well...action shots (especially Bomback) at the bottom. Tough to find action shots during practice.

More mustaches ! You'll notice the headshots were taken the same day at the same stadium (I should know which one it is, I'm a little ashamed I don't.)

More 80's Donruss, more facial hair, more empty seats.

Richard also included a bunch of 2011 Topps needs, and those couple of Griffeys. I already have a few of that Donruss RC, but the Classic was new to me, so yay !

Thanks a lot Richard, even though you're starting to have a bunch now, I'll keep the Carter pipeline open !

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  1. The first person to start a Marlin blog will have to buy a storage unit for all the cards they would receive.

    Great stuff from Richard. I like the Alfred Griffin as hair champion from this bunch.