Sunday, May 3, 2015

Morpheusly annoyed

There I was, sorting my cards, enjoying my Sunday evening (which is technically my Saturday, since I work on Saturdays and not on Mondays), watching the NBA playoffs and just plain chilling. When I saw this :

Those two are from the same year (2013) and, even though I don't have any beef with Gose (though the Blue Jays' centerfield doesn't look too good now, especially with Pompey back in AAA), they straight out annoyed me.

Because they are the exact same picture. And the left one was photoshoped.

It's silly, but I feel cheated. The thing that annoys me isn't the fact that they photoshoped a photo. I suppose it's a step forward from airbrushing logos on caps. No, what bugs me is that they photoshoped a photo they had already used elsewhere. We're aren't talking just plain lazy here, we're talking PANINI lazy. In this day and age, I need to dream a little, to feel some magic out there. I need to believe that those are actual photos of game situations.

And they just took that dream away. Now I know. I took the wrong pill and followed the white rabbit and it's ruining my evening.

I hope I don't stumble upon another horrible truth tonight. Maybe I should just leave my cards alone and live in denial...


  1. Don't pay any attention to the multiple times each year Topps uses the same photo then. :-)

    1. When I'm president of the world, some things are really going to change. I'll start with those issues !

    2. I'll vote Papoy if plank one of your platform is "No Photo Reuse!"

  2. I'm glad you are capitalizing PANINI, but you need to remember the exclamation points!!!!! DONRUSS!!!! PRIZM!!!!