Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's a bobby dogg world

Hey, you know what, I have some cards to show off !


Sometimes I feel a little ashamed because that's all I have to offer to the blogging world : just showing off the cards I add to my collection. No stories, no insight (ok, sometimes I say something insightful. Sometimes. Ok. Maybe), no ideas, nothing challenging. Just a French guy whining that he has to wait 6 weeks for cards to arrive and that he has to pay extra shipping and handling. Ah well, I guess that's my place ! I can live with that.

So as I was sayin before I was rudely interrupted by myself, here are some cards I got. It's from the last package from one of my favorite trade partners : Matt from Bob Walk the plank. Already our third completed trade, and there's no slowing us down.

One of many, many Adam Lind autos I need to chase down for my collection.

One of the few Dave Stieb autos available out there. You know you have a good thing going when you get a Prizm card in a trade and you don't roll your eyes. They still won't get my vote for set of the year, but it's not horrible, and I'm very happy to add a Stieb auto to my collection (see how bad a writer I am ? second time in as many paragraphs that I finish with the same two words).

Woohoo, Triple threads and Dickey ! Why they'd stick a sticker auto on such a high end product is beyond comprehension (same three letters this time, but not the same word, so it doesn't count as being a bad writer).

Now THAT'S an on card auto if I ever saw one. Absolute beauty. Too bad they felt the urge to make 90980 different variations of the same card, all numbered differently. One will be enough, thank you.

Matt also included a few one touch card holders, as he knows how difficult they are to find in Europe (there I go, whining again, but hey, it's a fact). My Nolan Ryan auto now feels safe and protected !

Thanks a lot Matt, my next pile for you is stacking up !

I also finally received my Black friday order from Comc.

My very first 75 Topps ! this is cause for celebration. If you take the bat out of Winfield's hands, it looks like he's dancing, so that's fitting. Let's all dance. I need more, way more 75s.

A random card I picked up, half because it's Marichal, half because the photo is amazing.

And finally, some vintage basketball for my NBA's 50 years greatest players project.

Great early Magic (3rd year) and my first Big O.

So there you go...Expect more posts like that one because, well, that's what I do, I guess. 'hope it's ok.


  1. It's more than OK. You keep me chuckling, you wise-cracker. Great pickups! Winfield is gorgeous! 1975 - a great year all-round!

    1. I suppose I am a wise-ass ! thanks for the compliment !

  2. The Tribute autos are always one of my favorites every year. I try to cherry pick the Pirates off eBay every year. This year Jason Grilli was in the set so it was nice to have someone in the set whose autos are very cheap.

    Looking forward to seeing how many deals we can get done this year!

    1. it's just too bad that Encarnacion didn't use all the space that was available to him ! I need to find the Lawrie auto, it looks really great

  3. Replies
    1. thanks Mark, always excited to ad some to my collection (that Magic is really sweet)