Friday, January 16, 2015

100 bottles of cards on the wall

Happy 100th blog post to me !!

Well, that was fun, I'm glad I threw myself a surprise party. Let's now have a look at what the mailman brought today and see if this magic number will make for a magical new article (let's not get our hopes up too high)

Not everyday I chase a Panini card, but those Immaculate look nice. Not everyday either I care about a patch card, but this one does look nice. I think I got it for under $5, so that's a plus.

Always nice to add a framed mini to the Blue Jay collection, especially one of Scott Rolen's.

A very nice looking Carter relic (well the card is nice, the relic is blah), so yay.

I do not remember bidding on that card. Probably put a low bid in and was surprised to win. Nice looking on card auto, though, from a great player !

Same thing here, plus it came from the same seller as the Lee Smith card (maybe I was sleepwalking, it wouldn't surprise me. I once woke up in my brother's bed when I was 12, so, yeah...hmmm...anyway). Sticker and all, it still looks nice. And both cards were under $5.

Ozzie RC ! Cost me $6, and it's worth it (is it a blogging social faux-pas to give costs like that ? Maybe I shouldn't talk about money so much)

And finally, I'm still trying to get as many Black signatures as possible. Even if it's a Laettner auto. But hey, he was on the Dream Team after all, so that counts for something. Right ? For once, I'm glad it's a card from his College days at Duke.

So there you go, this was a memorable 100th post if I ever saw one ! Come on, let's all dance !


  1. Congratulations on your 100th post

  2. thanks everyone !
    let's head for the next milestone

  3. I like to hear about the great deals. Talk like that usually makes me feel cheated and ripped off. Please, keep it up! The Goins patch is gorgeous but the Feller auto - whoa! Super!