Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2015 Topps Jumbo Group Break

I'm pretty sure all those who read my blog also read Nacho Grande's, but just in case : he's hosting a jumbo case break (yep, a whole case of jumbo packs !) for next week's Topps flagship release.

I usually keep away from group breaks, as there hardly are any potential interesting Blue Jays hits that would justify spending extra money (and extra shipping costs to have the cards sent to France) instead of just cherry picking what I need. But this one looked like a lot of fun, and I'm very excited about this year's product. This will be my first box break ever. I'm really going full throttle on that whole blogosphere experience thing !

In any case (see what I did there ?), there are still some slots open, and the boxes have already been ordered, so let's fill up that group break !


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