Friday, January 9, 2015

Blue Jay Junkie : a trade post

Aight, let's talk cards.

A few weeks ago, I sent Tj, from the great (and I mean it, he's got the same sense of humor as me, and I love my own sense of humor, thank you very much) blog The Junior Junkie a couple of cards. One from my own collection, and one I got just for him. Fast forward to monday, with a package straight from the USA (yay). That included a couple...hundred blue jays cards. Considering he'd already sent a few hundred over this summer, in exchange for some cheese and chocolates (true story), we can officially say he's kind of crazy. But in a nice, lovable way. So much friendship between our two countries, it's refreshing.

I'm not going to show off all 200 cards, of course, but here's a very small sample of really cool cards I needed for my collection (out of those 200 random Blue Jays, 80 made their way into my binders. Not a bad ratio at all ! ).

My very first 2014 Finest ! I put an exclamation point because yes, they really do look nice, now I understand all the fuss around that set. One thing is for sure : they look much better in real life compared to on screen. I think there's one left for the complete Blue Jays set.

Yes, Donruss by Panini has got to be the ugliest thing on earth, but hey, you know what, this Elite card isn't half bad.

We all love 2014 Stadium Club as much as we all hate 2014 Donruss. A couple had already been sent my way (I'd love the Bautista if anyone has one laying around !), but I was missing the Stroman.

I think Topps is very lazy with its inserts. But not this one.

"It's called Upper Deck X, let's make die cut parallels in the form of an X and call it a day !". A normal brainstorming day in 2008.

I'm sure that in 10 years, Chrome will still be around (maybe Panini Prizm Chrome ? Brrrr)

Not those are what I call 90s inserts ! Those are great !

And this is....hmmm...I'm really not sure what they tried to do there. A throwback gone wrong ? Maybe it'll grow on me, but right now I'm just laughing and rolling my eyes.

Parallels ! The first ones I collected back in 93, and I'll never grow tired of them. I'd just gotten that Winfield off justcommons, which shows how much I needed it.

My favorite parallel set ever ! You know what, it deserves a couple more !!

Robbies !

Considering how much I'm in love with that set, it's amazing that I didn't have that Inside the numbers subset. To tell the truth, I didn't even know it existed. I'm such a lousy team collector...

Holograms will always be a favorite of mine. Either TJ thinks Montreal and Toronto are the same, either (and it's more likely) he read in an earlier post that I was trying to complete those 96 Pinnacle Denny's full motion cards.

I love Gallery. Really. I need more. And more.

80s minis ! junk era cards aways look nicer when they're mini

Sportflics ALWAYS look great. Especially in the 80s, that's true.

Thanks a lot TJ for all the great cards, they were really fun to sort through and to organize. I don't know where you find them though ! I'll have to find a way to pay you back...


  1. Donruss sucked, but I'll agree that those Elite Stars inserts aren't half-bad. Oh, and I love the broken bat on that Delgado.

  2. I did keep one of those Delgados aside for broken bat collectors of which there are several now.

    I just came across many more '96 Denny's holos. They'll be in the next package.