Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ebay Hickups

It's official, I've been spending way, way too much time on Ebay. I'll try to keep my time there to a minimum, and focus my attention on vintage purchases. But it's tough to stay away from nice shiny autographs sometimes (let's see if any Topps Dynastys are available for cheap, at some point.But at $3980930959 a pack of one card, I doubt it). Each of these cards I got for between $1 and 5$.

Here's the last batch, repatriated from my Comc mailbox.

Ths is a really beautiful encased card of a player no longer with the Blue Jays. Which isn't the worst news ever, considering how low his AVG and OPS were. Horrendous.

God I hate sticker autos that don't look like sticker autos. It's deceiving. And nope, don't worry, you're not seeing double. I did buy two of those. I wanted it, so I bet on two at the same time. Both had .99 ct starting bids. I won the first one at the last second with e $5 bid (the same card usually went for 4 to 8 dollars), not thinking for one minute that I'd win the other one at .99cts, and turns out I ended being the only bidder. Go figure...

Just like the other first two, Gose is no longer with Toronto. But it's still a nice on card auto. Or doodle. Or whatever you might call that thing.

I'm glad Dickey is still around. You gotta love Gold Glove pitchers. Especially when they through knuckleballs. Nice stitching on the patch.

One of the things that interest me about cards, is that they force me to look deeper into the game. And to look at prospects, for example (I do not follow prospects at all. Really. Never have. And don't have the energy to). So here are a couple of top prospects. Sanchez is promising, and Stroman needs to canalize his energy. We'll see !

Those two haven't been prospects for a long, long time. I think I'm going patch crazy, but I couldn't pass on that world series one. And maybe I'll chose to believe that it's a piece of game used bat. Maybe. It's important to believe, in life. (why would they call 'threads' some piece of bat ? Maybe they're trying to take advantage of me being French, they figure I won't pick up on it)

Vintage 61s ! HOFers !  Even when he's smiling, Gibson is scary. Warren Spahn is the very definition of 'not scary'.

Another Duke Snider, from one of my favorite sets.

My first Steve Carlton card. Not the most memorable one,but you've got to start somewhere.

And finally, a great card of another Hall of famer who played 5 seasons with the New York Knicks.


  1. Just added you to my blog list...good reading.

  2. That '67 Carlton was one of the first big pieces I added to my collection when I started to get into vintage. Great pickups!

    1. I don't know much about Carlton, to say the truth. I need to do my homework ! Looks like we share a lot of similar interest in cards

  3. You picked up some great cards! Great 61s!