Saturday, January 24, 2015

First of many to come

Some new ebay pickups, including some very firsts for my collection. Because sometimes, it's nice to explore new grounds. Familiar cardboard grounds, but still !

My very first 1934 Goudey ! Those look awesome and sharp, I need more. I have no idea who Oscar Melillo is, I haven't done my homework yet.

My very first vintage Yogi ! I'm planning on adding as many of his as possible. Got this lighlty worn and off centered one for $12, which is affordable enough.

Not my first Clemente, but a nice one anyway. Got it for the same price as the Berra, and with the same seller.

My very first '50 Bowman ! Terribly off centered also, but that's what you get when you're very cheap on your first date.

My very first Kirby RC

This is actually my second Overbay Sweet Spot auto. I loved the one Matt (from Bob Walk the plank) so much that I decided to find as many as possible.

As I was saying...totally random ones from players I don't really care about, but those cards just have a feel to them that really appeal to me.

And finally, my very first 86-87 Fleer (a mythical set, for those who know nothing about basketball cards. Then again, you probably saw the Jordan from that set. A card I'll never, ever add to my collection, considering its price-tag). Off centered, but very sharp.

So there you go for a very quick post. Like every first time, I suppose...


  1. Super jealous of that Clemente.

  2. Love the vintage. Oscar played a few years for the Bosox.

  3. I loved Sweet Spot autos. Just have to be careful because some fade depending on the pens that were used.