Saturday, January 3, 2015

130 year old cardboard

Good news everyone ! (yes, sometimes I talk like Farnsworth in Futurama) I have a lot of cards to show. I got 4 boxes of cards for Christmas, bought 4 More after that (got them last Wednesday...36 hours after my order on D&A, that's not too bad), received 25 cards from Comc and TJ from The Junior Junkie sent me 200 Blue jays cards because he's crazy. So right now, I'm organizing all that and trying to find things to say about each pile.

I'll start with an envelope I just received, after winning a bid on ebay 3 days ago (the postal service is way faster in 2015). I decided it was time for me to add real vintage vintage to my collection. So I'm starting with a 1887 Allen & Ginter's. I didn't have the budget for a baseball player, so I got the next best thing : a random sports guy with a great mustache. You can't beat that. I have no idea who this guy is, but I do like the idea that several pairs of hands touched him, so to speak. And here he is now, safe in France. Good ol' Geo H. Hosmer (that's also a great vintage name if I ever saw one). You, my friend, cost $9 in 2015. I hope it makes you feel good about yourself.

And to think that I wasn't even born, in 1887...

The seller also had that card. It's from 1911. There's a Toronto flag on it. It was $5. I said let's go. I'm surprised at how thin the card stock is. I wonder if you can still call this a card. So many questions...

I also bought my very first T206 yesterday. I put in a bid for $15, went to sleep and forgot about it. And tadah ! I should be getting it in 6 to 8 weeks...


  1. Maybe Geo. H. Hosmer is related to KC Royal Eric Hosmer... Then this card would be related to a baseball card.

  2. Geo H Hosmer is my favorite oarsmen of all time! Found this link below.

  3. Great A& G pickup. Congrats on your t206

  4. good-looking old cardboard! I enjoy collecting true, vintage cards. $15 is a super price. can't wait to see it!

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