Saturday, December 13, 2014

Your mama's an astronaut (and a nerd)

This past week, TJ back at The Junior Junkie's posted about some of his nerdy obsessions and came to the conclusion that he's proud to be a nerd.

And that we all are, by essence, since we collect cards, scan them and show them off on our blogs.

Of course, he's right. Damn right, even.And I'll admit it all the more easily that I'm a pretty cool dude with no popularity issues whatsoever. I've just always loved to collect cardboard (even though I forgot that love for 16 years, but don't worry, we're amply making up for lost time). TJ then asked us to write about our nerdiest possession. Besides cards, of course.

Let me just start by saying that I'm a false positive nerd. I don't care about popular tv shows or sci-fi shows, I don't obsess about Dr Who, I don't quote HG2G and  I haven't watched the next Star Wars trailer. Heck, I've never even been able to finish the last one. I know nothing about Star Trek, and considering how incredibly mind-numbingly boring the last Hobbit was, I'm really not sure I want to see the last one. I'll enjoy popular movies, but I'm more of an elitist nerd as far as my taste in movies go, even though my favorite movie is still White men can't jump (hence the title of this blog post). I'll watch Sideways or The Rookie each time I'm feeling a little blue, and Mulholland Drive and Donnie Darko when I want to see if a girl is worth dating. My favorite Tv show, like many, is The Wire, followed closely by Twin Peaks, so nothing original there, and there's never been anything funnier than Seinfeld or Arrested Development.

That being said, the nerdiest aspect about me is my job.

Because, you see, I work in a book store. Yup, I'm of a dying breed (well, in France, actually, we're alive and well, for many reasons that aren't relevant here, but let's just say Amazon can't lay their dirty hands on us) and I sell and tell people what to read day after day after day. Even worse : I sell comic books. More of the graphic novel kind than superheros, but there is an "american comics" section (yes, we call your comics american comics) that is alive and well, with french translations of Sin City, Walking Dead or Batman. Can't get much more nerdier than a guy among books all day, whose job it is to say which comic book is the best for someone who enjoyed Guardians of the galaxy this summer.

And yet, I date hot women.
Go figure.

To answer TJ's question: the coolest nerdiest thing I own is the Prince Paul autograph I got 10 years ago. A great artist who wrote a very nerdy note. I'll take it.


  1. Let me be the first nerd to comment.

  2. I was real big into Magic the Gathering for a long time. That was the pinnacle of my nerdom.

  3. I just saw Mulholland Drive for the first time. I prefer Eraserhead, but still classic Lynch!

    1. I think I prefer Lost Highway, come to think of it, but at least there're things in MD that you can actually understand ! But it's one more point for you, let's dance.