Monday, December 29, 2014

Casey at the bat

I don't mean to sound like a broken record, but the cards I got today were shipped on November 10th...but it's ok, since I have packages sent about every other week, I manage to receive a steady stream of cards. It just took a while for the first packages to get here, and I tend to get a little weary considering the cards that are inside them. Not that I spend that much on a single card to lose sleep over it, but still, I don't feel like wasting any more money as it is right now. And on ebay, there are tracking numbers and ways of getting your money back. Not with Comc (at least, not that I know of). But hey, so far so good, and I have only nice things to say about comc !

 This card cost me $17. I'm not fond of 61 Topps, but I am of Aaron. The card is a little too yellowed (is that even an english baseball card term ?), but hey, nice card nevertheless. It cost me $1 more than the '60 Willie Mays Topps I own. I'm really treading in high stakes waters.

Yeah I know, I'm not fond of 61 Topps, but I still got those two. It's my collection and my contradictions. I'll never ever have a vintage Gehrig in my collection from his playing days, so this is the closest thing to it. Plus, it only set me back a few dollars (4).

The more I look at 1962 Topps cards, the uglier I find them. But a card with Casey Stengel on it, even as manager of the Mets, cannot and will not be ugly. Is it me, or is he actually trying to smile ?

This one, like the Roy Face, I got thinking of Matt @Bob Walk the plank, so Matt, let me know if you need those ! What a great design, though.

I really need to look at scans closely when purchasing cards on ebay. I really thought it was an on card auto. Ah well. Supreme is still a nice set, and it's a low numbered card. I really like Cabrera, let's see if he manages to spend more than 2 years in Chicago...

Yes, absolutely, this is a football card. I hardly collect football (if I did, I'd collect Giants cards), but I saw that card for cheap while browsing other items listed by a seller I had won a card by, and I picked it up because of the (sad) story behind it. Wilson was a very promising RB in his first couple of years, before he had to call it quits because of a career-ending neck injury. Or more exactly, because of a neck injury that could be way worse than just career-ending if he ever played football again.


  1. The Supreme cards are perfect for cherry picking on eBay. I finally just picked up one of the Polanco's. I'm curious to see how Melky does in Chicago. The White Sox added a lot of pieces.

    I'm more than willing to trade you for the Buccos, but understand if you want to keep those for your vintage collection.

    1. No it's ok, I got them for you to start with, just wanted to be sure Mark hadn't sent them to you already !

  2. I love that Stengel. It's like he already knew how bad the Mets were going to be in '62.

    1. yeah, the footage of him during that season is hilarious