Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The doctor is IN : shipping cards to France, pros and cons ?

Maybe you've been reading this blog from time to time thinking "hey, that french guy looks really cool, and even though I'm pretty sure french women don't shave their armpits (they do) and I've heard they pee in the streets (no, we don't), it could be a good idea to extend a friendly hand and engage in a wonderful overseas trade".

And then you start to wonder if it's not a bit complicated. If you need to go to the post office. If it's going to be expensive. If customs will come and seize your stuff if you don't declare things right. If I'm really worth it (I am).

Here are a few answers to questions you didn't even know you had:

How much does it cost to send cards to France ?

Well, as much as size doesn't matter (in that case), weight does.

Basically, if you send less than 80 to 100 cards, it'll cost you about $8 (12$ if you send it as a package instead of a letter). For 150 to 200 cards, it's $15 (again, as a package, but when there are so many, it's tougher to put them in a simple padded envelope). A PWE with a couple of cards will cost you $3.

How long does it take for packages to arrive ?

I've had mail from Canada get there in 3 days, but it basically takes 8 to 10 days.

Won't my cards get lost and our budding friendship sunk forever ?

there's no tracking for international letters (well, there are, but it would cost way too much), but I've never had a letter get lost in transit. And there have been a lot coming my way.

Will you use my information to commit identity theft and steal my wife and my job ?

I don't know. What's your job and can your wife make butterscotch pudding ?

So there you go for the very basic questions.
If you have any other ones, my booth is open.


  1. I've sent one your way. It was a piece of cake. Another one headed out soon.

  2. As a two time sender to Kevin it was a piece of cake. Send him blue jays right now!

  3. I've done trades only over the ocean, directly to US and never had a problem. Both send or receiving.
    Here in Portugal we have specific packages for international mail that you can stuff anything you want inside. No matter the weight. If it fits inside, you can send.
    I think sending inside UE is the same exactly price for the package so it doesn't matter if it is to Spain or to the other side of the world.

  4. I'd like to send you some cards sometime, but no way I'm dealing with the douche noodles at my local post office unless there's a gun to my head. Maybe I could find a middle man. Like, next time I send some Red Sox to Mark, and could also include some Blue Jay which he could forward along next time he sends you a package.

    1. thanks for thinking of me ! there should be a way to print out a stamp directly on the usps website and avoid going to the post office (and yeah, that I can relate). A middle man is another way to go !

    2. No problem helping out if needed

  5. with this clever French fellow is fun and possibly addictive. Do so at your own risk. (Personally, I think he is a spy, so the added element of danger is enticing.)

    1. hehe...dangit, my clever cardboard cover's blown !