Sunday, December 7, 2014

To peel, to rip, to redeem

A few ebay pickups from he last couple of days

I don't know why I got that card. Probably because he was a great reliever and a Hall of famer, but I never really looked into him. I should ! A nice auto is a good place where to start. Especially for $5

 I already had the Stoudemire in that collection. And even though I hate those sleeved jerseys, I do like that nice orange colour. And at least, you know it (supposedly) comes from that December 25 game. Not so strangely, Knicks cards are really cheap right now. Perfect.

This looks like a nice two colored swatch, but it's actually part of what seems to be the shorts. I'm not sure how that qualifies as a National Treasure, and I'm not sure I really want a piece of shorts in one of my cards, but hey, why not, and it's still a nice looking card !

I wanted a Charles Oakley auto. So, for some strange reason, I bid on that redemption card. And I won. Then, I noticed it was for a Panini Select card (they're horrible). And on the back, they mention that you should get it within 6 to 8 weeks, but to get back to them if you have nothing in 8 months...hmmm...Maybe I should keep it that way and not redeem it. Just like the Finest card in the 90s we wouldn't peel off just in case it'd be worth something. Everybody will be redeeming those cards, leaving very few unscratched. I'll be rich. At last. Thank you Panini.


  1. Cool Shump! Awesome card, even if jerseys were ugly.

  2. Too funny! Never occurred to me before...the possibility of a crotch swatch.