Monday, December 22, 2014

Wild Gose chase (yeah, I'm not too proud of it either)

There are several things wrong with that card. First, it's Bowman, and I don't really care for Bowman cards. Even for the Platinum kind. Second, this, here, is a sticker auto. With some game used memorabilia. Not worn. Used. Might be a piece of cloth used to wipe the bench for all I know. And finally, it's of a young outfielder who was traded a few weeks ago to the Tigers after getting some quality at bats with the Blue Jays for a couple of seasons.

So why am I showing it off ?
Well, it's simple : I don't have anything else to show. Yeah, I know, it's kinda sad. But so far, I've only added 70 cards to my collection, and I'm still waiting on a ton of Comc packages (I read somewhere of someone complaining that it took his cards a couple of weeks to get there because of Black friday sales...mine take 4 to 6 weeks any time of the year. I win). And since I haven't been very active on the trading front, I'm not getting many packages in return either.

Because, you see, at that time of the year, all I do is work. Non stop. 24/7. My last day off was...Well...I don't even remember. I know that Christmas day will be the next one, so that's something to look forward to. So right now, I'm basically exhausted and just powered by coffee and the sheer drive of helping people find the perfect gift for Christmas.

I have so much power, it's scary.

But I'll be back with more exciting cards. I promise.


Don't give up on me.


  1. Having a super large cup of coffee right now, in your honor. Jeers! I mean, CHEERS!

  2. You will have something to show very soon...