Sunday, December 14, 2014

Autos and Hustlas intro

Good morning boys and girls. The topic for today will be autographed basketball cards.

But before all you baseball only aficionados flee to a friendlier place, please note that I finally got around to updating my want list, and I added my needs for 2014 and 2011. Yay !

Ok, let's have a look at those few Ebay pickups. I can't show everything because, well, some of them are for some of you guys, but since you'll be scanning them for the world to see, I feel calm and serene, as I know their destiny will be completed.

I fell in love with those Exquisite cards the first time I saw them on my computer screen.And I had no idea they were so thick. They're like a mini brick. A very light one, but it's at least a 120 pt card, if we can still call it a card. The card looks cool though, with the auto on clear plastic acetate (is that redundant ?). I really don't mind that it's Tim Hardaway in a college uniform. It's still Tim "crossover" Hardaway .

See, Julie, another patch ! I think this is my fourth or fifth. I'll soon be able to put together an entire napkin. This time, it's Earl the Pearl. There are two words in the english language that I just can't seem to manage to say out loud, for some weird reason : pearl, and squirrel. Go figure. I just hope I never need to blurt them out loud in an urgent situation.

Dee Brown is best remembered for his no look dunk during the Slam dunk contest, and for pumping his Pumps right before (great way of showing his sponsor). Besides that, his career was as memorable as that sticker auto.

The only reason I got the Dee Brown card was because I'd bet on that gorgeous auto of BJ Armstrong. The card isn't that great (terribly cropped photo and bad design), but the on card auto is. Plus, I've always liked that player, even though he was in the shadow of so many players, that I wouldn't even know where to begin. Great career nonetheless.


  1. I started to doze, then I saw the patch! That just may be your new nickname - Patches. The Monroe is a good-looking card. I'm confused now, thinking you only collected Knicks.

  2. well, you know how it try to stay faithful, and something new comes along with big fresh autographs...I don't collect basketball cards anymore because I prefer to focus on baseball, but I've played and watched a lot of basketball, so there are many players that I liked. And I'll gladly track down some of their signed cards, just for Old time's sake

  3. That Hardaway is awesome! I use to buy a decent amount of basketball, but now only focus on guys that played at my college.

  4. Love the " Pearl". He was incredible to watch