Saturday, December 27, 2014

All is well that Ebays well

Before I show off my pack ripping loot, here are some cards that finally got here from ebay to comc and from comc to me.

A random Blue Jays shiny auto for the collection. I like those Absolute cards, though. I wonder how they were received back then.

I dunno. I just love that photo.

Part of my ongoing and never-ending "collect significant historic cards" project. Got it for a few dollars (5, exactly).

A shiny card of a plyer I like from a set I like. So yeah, it's not always about PC !

I thought I'd never ever see that Hank Aaron card. I got it on ebay in October, for a couple of dollars. When I didn't see it show up, I contacted the seller (who obviously hasn't been around ebay for long, with only 25 stars), who was all apologetic with no regards for grammar whatsoever, but all in all I was able to understand that he was going to contact the USPS (good luck with that). Since he didn't have any tracking number, there wasn't much they could do, so he offered to send me a replacement. I wasn't going to get upset for a $2 card, so I said yeah sure, and so he did. And for good measure, to make sure I wouldn't write a negative review (aaaah, the power of negative reviews), he said that he added a bonus card as a peace offering. And this time, he asked for a tracking number (smart move). I could see that the letter was stuck somewhere in Ohio for a week, with no movement (not that a letter is supposed to move, but you understand what I mean). The seller would write to me everyday asking me if I'd received the cards yet, and I could see he was completely losing it. I'm sure he was losing sleep over this. You should never lose sleep over cards. Never. So I ask him what address he sent it to, just to be sure. And he tells me that the people at the post office told him he didn't need to write the first line on the envelope. The first line being of course c/o myusername.
Mystery solved. I don't know in what world that kin of info isn't relevant to a post office employee (Julie, any thoughts ?), but I was able to contact comc to warn them that they were about to receive an unclaimed envelope, which they found thanks to the tracking number, and thanks to smarter post office employees who were able to deliver it to the right address after all. Thus ends the story of how I received, 2 months later, a $2 Aaron and a free '69 Pete Rose.

Vintage basketball for my NBA 50 greatest project.

That first patch is ridiculously huge. But it's orange. And I like the color orange.

This here is my first booklet. I'll have to look into it, but I'm pretty sure they make top loaders for those. Looks nice though, and cool Kenny Anderson auto.

I've already expressed my love for UD Exquisite. The Glen Rice is from the same collection as the Tim Hardaway I already have, and the Laimbeer looks really really great. It's nice and thick and black (yeah, let's keep that sentence in context).

More former veterans in college uniforms because, well, because UD doesn't have an NBA license anymore, so they're trying their best. Here's Bob's B.


  1. Hard to beat a free '69 Topps Pete Rose! Glad to hear all ended well with that Ebay order. That place can be a nightmare sometimes.

    1. yeah, no drama yet, but I do try to buy only from people I know are reliable

  2. Replies
    1. yup, those By the letters are great ! It's my second Horry auto, which really shows I'm not bitter about those (goddamn) 94 Finals

  3. I remember Absolute football being popular. That Hudson has a nice look.

  4. Awesome cards ! That COMC route works well for me as well, now using it for all my ebay deliveries !

  5. Glad you finally got your Aaron, The West and Jabbar have got to get you close

  6. What can I say? The post office has gone to pot since I quit. ;)