Sunday, September 6, 2015

Need more Griffey Cow Bells : part II

Ok, here's the second part showing off the package sent to me by The Junior Junkie. This time, I'll focus on Topps and Upper Deck. For those who weren't around the first time up, I'm only showing those cards that were new to me.

Topps oddballs ! Great design on that Mc Donald's set.

The usual Topps subsets from the 90s

Now that's what I call a lot of foil !

One peeled and two unpeeled Finest. They won't stay unpeeled very long after I scan them.

I had no idea I was missing a 93 Griffey Stadium Club. Especially since I've always loved those member's choice subsets. That 91 medallion is very, very cheesy.

I have no idea what Topps Unique is, but I do know that co-signers card on the left looks awesome.

It's never too early to commemorate and to just add a foil stamp.

 And it's never too late to be using very old designs (which is a trend I agree with)

2014 and 2015 issues...seems like it's becoming difficult to find different photos to use on cards.

Aaaaah, Upper do we miss ye. Of course, as a spokesperson and the most popular player of the 90s, this means that there were many, many UD Griffey cards made. So many inserts, so many subsets...a lot of those cards are extremely new to me, and I'll have to look them up.

I have a very soft spot for Promos, especially that 94 CC.

 You can't beat early 90s holograms. Don't even try.

 I wonder when they stopped doing that whole National card day ? You can see that he puts that grip at use, on the card on the right.

I never opened a pack of Fun Cards, and I really should try and track some down. Here's a tip, though : don't try to unfold anything that has 20 something year old glue on it..

More fun cards with Collector's Choice, including some silver signatures, and a photo (the one in the middle) already used on an SP checklist card.

This collecting subset is actually more of a checklist. But with valuable tips such as 'put your cards in 9 pocket pages, trade your doubles and start your own collections'. Thanks, Ken !

The usual Upper Deck inserts/subsets, this time, including a very much wanted 93 5th Anniversary.

here's one I'll have to do some research doesn't look like it's licensed, and I'm pretty sure it's some kind of Nascar card (yeah, I would've made a great detective)

MVP and Victory are kind of boring to me.

Following Topps' footsteps

Some random UD brands

SP just may be my favorite UD brand outside from flagship, of course. The first SPx is actually a promo card, and that 93 SP is one of my favorite Griffey cards of all time.

And finally, let's wrap it up with some white bordered (mainly) Sp Authentic (mainly) cards !

I still have some oddballs to show off....more fun ahead !


  1. So many Griffeys. Nice dent in the PC! I have a few set aside for you which will likely be dupes by the time you get them. 8^/

  2. Victory is kind of boring, but MVP has a few really nice cards.