Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Bugs Bunny and Simply Red special

My good friend Matt found the time between two baseball and football games and before long travels to ship out some cards to everybody in the blogosphere (well, almost everybody), including an envelope that made it overseas to me (yay).

Matt is known for his generosity (which is common ground among our tight-knit group) and for always finding the perfect cards that'll suit your collection to the point (I have no idea if my English is idiomatic or not. Ah well. You get what I mean). As you all know, we have monthly box breaks, and each time we send the other's winnings, we'll also include some cards for our ongoing trading. And it seems like he's always setting the bar just a little higher each time around.

I won't have much to show box break wise, as Matt got most of the hits (4 autos in Hometown Heroes and a very nice hit in DK with a low numbered (/5) Joc Pederson auto and relic).

The Hosmer is numbered /99 and is still a nice looking card, despite the fact that the swatches are a bit bland.

I won't show any base cards of neither DK nor Hometown Heroes, as you all know them by now.

Now, as for the trade aspect of the package. And I suggest you sit tight, as it packs a great bunch.

First up, my very first Wizzard swatch ! Perfect for my Gold GLovers collection.

I don't know what it is about game-used bat cards, but they've always appealed to me more than jerseys (or pants or crotch). Here's a great-looking card of two of my all-time favorite Blue Jays players.

Speaking of bats....and what a great group of people ! Delgado !! Big Hurt !!! Thome !!!! and....Well ok, three out of four still makes it awesome.

Ok, forget what I said about jerseys, that's an impressive patch right here ! Ryan Goins is doing a great job filling in for injured Devon Travis. We already knew he was good on defense, but he's actually hitting (and getting on base) way more this year.

A great looking on-card auto on an almost wood-like surface. It's very nice to touch, you should try it !

Ok, here come the two even bigger bombs

Can't really say his signature is impressive, but I don't care much about that. It's still a Tulo auto from his Colorado playing days (Ha !). As you all know, he's been a great addition to the BLue Jays' lineup energy-wise, and his presence has been a real plus. And I'm sure his bat will be back on track during the off-season.


Just like that, my very first Halladay auto.
My oh my do I love that card.
His autos have alays been out of my price range, so it's really awesome to get one in a trade. Plus, I'm pretty sure I bid on that card at the time, it really rings a bell !

Ok...let's see how high I can put that bar....thanks a lot Matt, my end of the box break will be revealed this week !

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  1. I was excited about the Halladay. Plus the Inscribed auto set is pretty cool. Thanks for the kind words.