Saturday, September 5, 2015

Box break : 95 Collector's Choice SE

So here's a set that was released at the end of 94. There were supposed to be 2 series, but because of the strike, they decided to scratch that, to stay with a 265 card series and to release a single series Collector's Choice...hmmm...hold on, as I'm typing this, I realize it doesn't make sense.
I have no idea why Upper Deck decided to  forget about SE and go for a normal Collector's Choice in 95.

The good thing is that you can find some Collector's Choice boxes (36 packs) for dirt cheap, and considering how fun they are to look at, that's definitely a plus, 20 years later.

As always with CC, it's a simple set with a simple design and simple inserts (parallels).

Mr Weiss, most important card in the box, of course.

 Seeded 1:36, those are really tough to pull. I just wish it'd been another player or another team, as I don't know anyone who collects Giants.

Some Pc inserts !

 Three rookies. Jeter already had RCs in 93 and 94, of course, and A-Rod in, 94 (maybe even in 93, I don't remember and am too lazy to ckeck). In any case, 2 of these three players are still active, and that's pretty crazy.

Somewhat of a superstar. I'm glad he had an exclusive deal with Upper Deck, that meant you could get him on a baseball card.

The usual interesting UD photos. I'd have to check with Nick, but I wonder if The big unit isn't the pitcher the most shown at the plate on baseball cards. And as always, Winfield looks incredibly cool.

And finally, because it's one of my favorite parallel sets ever (Silver signature, that is), I won't resist the urge to show as many as possible :

Totally worthless money-wise, but still completely worth it !


  1. A great looking set! Great that you were able to get it for a good price!

  2. I'd just begun collecting in 93. Collector's Choice was a release I overlooked every year. I slap myself now to realize what great photography I missed. Trying to find boxes cheap, I'm always a step behind another hobbyist.

    1. I have alot of this stuff if you want the Tigers

      Makes me want to buy a box and chase the set, Collectors Choice was my favorite set as a kid.

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  3. '95 is probably my favorite Collector's Choice set, and this was one of the better all-around efforts of the '90s. So many great and outside-the-box photos. I'm not sure the Big Unit has the most "pitcher at the plate" cards, but he does seem to have an inordinate amount of them considering he was in the American League at that point.

  4. Always enjoyed Collectors Choice better that the standard Upper Deck for some reason. Nice finds in that box!