Monday, September 14, 2015

Jay barker passes to Bob Walk who passes to Papoy

Quick post to show off some cards sent by Wes. He put up for grabs (well, for trade) some cards a while back, and I claimed the following three (you were allowed up to three cards and yeah, I'm greedy).

 I don't necessarily collect Braves, Orioles nor Javy Lopez, but I like Prime patches, and I like the color orange. It's numbered /56

I do collect Frank Thomas cards, though, and here's a nice stripe !

I liked him more as an Indian, but I think those Museum collection quad relics look nice, even all in grey.

Wes sent all of these to Matt so he'd pass them along to me (Matt is kind of my own PO box, and I thank him for that). Of course, Wes being Wes, he also included some BLue Jays for my collection

I'm a big fan of SPx, a big fan of Wells, a big fan of Delgado, so yay. And not everyday do I add a yellow Blue Jays swatch to my collection.

 A little bit of everything, including a Joe Carter I needed, from a set that's always confused me. WHy on earth did Stadium Club issue these ?

ANd finally, an almost complete 93 Classic Dunedin Blue Jays set (27 cards).

Thanks a lot Wes (and Matt), you shoul've received my return package by now ! And good luck on your Desert Shield project, I'll miss sending you autos !


  1. I bought a lot of Prime Patches cards back in day. A rare set that featured some Pirates in 2005.

  2. I see you've added some more things to your "what I collect" list. . . I'll keep an eye out for some pre '62 - '77 Mets for you!

    I don't even know what that Stadium Club set is.... what the heck is it?

    1. that would be great, thanks Brian ! I remember buying a pack of Stadium CLub Team (94) at the time...nothing really exciting. They picked 12 teams, with 30 players on each team