Friday, September 18, 2015

Box Break : 97 Stadium Club

I have a lot of catching up to do with the collecting world, having left it in the mid 90s. The task of keeping up with today's products is way less daunting than trying to learn about what's been going on in the past 20 years, but I always seem to come back to the 90s.

I left Stadium Club in 94/95 with 600 to 700 card sets, and here we are in 97 with a 390 set. I found a series II box at a reasonable price (ie less than $25), so of course I jumped on it.

Those are parallels. Inserted 2 per box (24 packs and 9 cards per pack). I'm quite happy with the players I got, as Big Hurt is PC, and Nomo is definitely mid-90s baseball card collecting. NOMOMANIA

Not many inserts in 97 Stadium Club, but at least it's a sweet hologram. So yay. Plus, Andruw Jones is on my list on the right. Seeded one per box.

Another one per box insert, and another Andruw Jones . I guess it's a Jones hot box. That would've been really cool in...well, in 97.

This here is a subset/insert. It's included with the base cards, but they are SP. I like the design and its simplicity. Plus, there's a Griffey in there.

Walt ! (the runner's out)

Those four cards were needed for my collection (another Andruw Jones), and it's insane that I was missing a Joe Carter Stadium Club card.

And of course, as always with Stadium club, you get stellar photography, this time on 20 pt card stock, with full bleed pics and plenty of foil and gloss.

Now, I need to find a series 1 box....


  1. Such a great set. And those are pretty excellent Matrix cards you got. Very nice Bug Hurt

    1. Bug Hurt is a really cool nickname. You should patent it !

  2. I've never seen this set before. All those wasted years!

  3. Being the huge Reds fan that I am, that Jeff Brantley card is so incredibly awesome!