Monday, August 3, 2015

Total Trading With Tony (a Tardy Tale)

A few weeks ago, Tony sent me one of his great trade packages. It took me forever to post about it, and for that I apologize, but you know how it is with get lazy and keep procrastinating ! Now that I'm back at work (sigh), it's time for me to do some catching up.

Anyway, Tony was kind enough to spend some time looking at my wantlist and knocking off a bunch of 80s and 90s needs. And of course, on top of that, he added some of his famous oddball finds !

ANd to think I'm still missing some Alomar base cards...The Select is a little strange, though, as you can see that there clearly isn't enough space on that right side for a multi-exposure shot. But hey, it's still quite nice, and it reminds me of the Donruss Spirit of the game one :

A&G !

Some Update needs

Tony has a healthy collection of in-person autographs, and I'm the lucky recipient of a couple of Dave Stiebs !

Oddballs ! I love that George Bell pop-up.

Those are from the 86 Topps All Stars set. Simple, efficient design. Dave Stieb looks kinda creepy, though. Or maybe it's just his evil twin.

Always happy to add a Danny Ainge card. Regardless of the photo they choose, you always know he'll look like he's about to complain or whine about something.

 That Olerud from the Topps Debut box set has been on my wantlist for awhile now. I had almost completely forgotten about it ! The Derek Bell is also from a Traded box set, and Tony sent a bunch of those.

Set needs, O Pee Chee and Diamond Kings round all this out !

There were many more, but this is the Readers Digest edition.

Thanks a lot, Tony, for once again putting so much thought in your package and including a ton of set needs and tough to find (for me anyway) oddballs !


  1. My pleasure, Kevin! I'm glad you needed these cards.

  2. Derek Bell may be one of the most hated Pirates of all time! He might be up there with actual Pirates like Blackbeard.

    Great stuff as usual from Tony. Always unique and thoughtful.