Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A box of 94 Pinnacle series 2

One of my secret projects (please don't tell anybody) is to try and collect as many cards from 93 and 94 as possible. Ideally, every set and inserts from the main brands (let's forget about parallels such as 93 refractors, shall we). I chose those years because, of course, those are the years I was the most active in the hobby (spent 2 summers in the US in 93 and 94, and even though I still subscribed to Beckett and tried to acquire cards here and there after that, it was close to impossible without the advent of the Internet, which I got in 98, and my interest was already waning).

Anyway, I might as well start somewhere, and 94 Pinnacle is as good a place as any. I already have a complete series 1 set, so here comes (Johnny) series 2.

A couple of Tribute inserts, including one for my Big Hurt PC. And another one for my 'PED users nobody likes anymore' binder.

 The lone Artist's proof of the box. I could've done better.

Dufeeeeeeeeeeeeex. As a 90s hobby enthousiast, there's no way I can't absolutely love those.

There were quite a few Blue Jays I was missing, including those sweet ones (the Dave Stewart is pretty cool)

The mandatory Walt Weiss, for my pal Matt.

They used the same photo as the classic 93 UD for Alicea. Though it's not quite the same photo, as the angle is different. The UD one is actually a better one, I think, less out of focus on the bat.

As for the rest, I'll let the picture do the talking (or writing)

And finally, a couple of great cards of great soon to be retired players.

The one thing I love about Pinnacle is that it takes the best from Stadium Club with a little UD in it. The perfect mix. I'm glad I rediscovered those 20 years later.


  1. I always liked the 94 Pinnacle cards. That's some good stuff you've got there.

  2. That Reggie Sanders just went into my Just Commons card. What a masterpiece!

  3. I crack up whenever I see a Weiss card. It is like they just airbrush whatever teams uniform he is on that year and use the same shot.