Tuesday, August 18, 2015

TJ Hero

Today was a massive mailday.
Courtesy of The Junior Junkie himself, who sure knows how to pack a box of cards.

Yes, absolutely, that's rice pudding. And it turns out that I LOVE rice pudding. As for the boxes...

Over 400 hand-picked, no duplicates, Griffey inserts and subsets. Just for me. Because I have pretty eyes. This is going to double my Griffey collection. I hope French newspaper write about me, now.

I'm basically very much in love, right now. And hungry.

Those are going to be fun to post !


  1. That is awesome! Have fun with the sort.

  2. Awesome! TJ sends great stuff - love the mini pennant, too! That's a nice touch.

  3. What a massive, fun package! Enjoy it!

  4. Oh, that's where all my small boxes went. I was looking for one the other night and completely forgot they're all in France now. Oh, well. Enjoy, man!