Thursday, July 30, 2015

Black hole sun

Before I show off those 90s beauties I pulled from all the boxes I bought (and try to forget I paid twice as much in shipping and customs than the price of said boxes), and that kept me busy for a few hours yesterday, here are a few cards I received after winning a couple of bids off ebay.

Nothing you haven't seen already, but it's always a treat to show off some 2015 Stadium Club.

I love that card. Not only is the photo great, but you can also tell the pen used for the signature was at the end of its life.

Just like the gold foil cards I got the other day, I bid on those because they came as a lot, and were cheap (around $1 for them all). I just saw that the print run was around 200 copies each, so that's not bad of a deal, even though you can find them cheap enough in general. Which seams logical enough, as this is a pretty silly parallel idea. And of course, the main reason why I bet in the first place was that Griffey(s) card.

But the other cards in the lot weren't too shabby either.

I then bet on those contact sheet inserts, as there were a couple of Blue Jays in there that I needed (and that I'll probably get in a trade, but I'm just the impatient type).

Yeah, nice names, but I wasn't impressed. Looks more like a Topps flagship type of insert. I always expect more of SC.

Next stop, the 90s ! Which means only base cards,no hits, terrible collation, silly inserts, great designs and 14 card packs. Yay !


  1. That Whitey Ford is such a nice card.

  2. I spy a Rizzo with my little eye!
    The Baerga IS an awesome shot. I think if I was forced to do a mini collection it would be of cards of players flying through the air like that Baerga.

  3. There were some great cards produced in the 90s...too many unfortunately. i still like bustin 90s cardboard. I just picked up a silly box of 93 UD All Time Heroes..the triple folders comeback that fizzled. For $10, should still be fun. I expect to share them around. PS, I think we should send ANY/ALL Weiss cards to Matt, since he hinted ever so subtly. "Weiss guys, eh?"

  4. I miss 14-card packs without 5 of those cards being inserts!