Sunday, August 16, 2015

Trade post : Waiting 'til next year

"I'll send you some cards first, and you can send whatever you think is fair. I don't have anything high-end, so I always feel like I've short-changed my trading partner"

This is an approximate quote of what Tom, from Waiting til next year, wrote in his email, saying he's definitely up for some international trading (yay !). He adds that he went to Versailles in 2013, which is about 20 miles from where I live (hi !). A few days later, I received a box filled with amazing goodies, encompassing all of my hobby wants. 250 cards. Short changed...yeah right.

Those oversized cards are 1985 Topps 3ds. What they are, is downright creepy. You can't really tell from the scan, but there's a 3d like embossed effect. Which makes them as hard to store and stack as they are creepy (hence, amazing)

A Kirby oversized floating head ! Including a suction cup (had to look it up, never used that word before) in case I want to put it on my car window.

Big Hurt ! Including a Duracell 93 card I had no idea existed. Apparently, it's the only year they issued cards. Then again, who didn't issue cards in 93 ?

More Pcs, including a nice Al Kaline glossy send in (seems fitting to write about Al Kaline after Duracell)

The Wizzard, with a nice Starting Lineup oddball

The good thing about those gold glove PCs is that I hardly have any cards of these players.

More Gold Glovers (and Deion)

Love that Ticket Studs insert. Even though I'm skeptical about the name..

A couple of Griffey oddballs I needed.

Tom collects Cubs cards. So of course, he has a bunch of Maddux doubles from his Cubs days. I kinda like that 89 Donruss box set (with the orange border)

It's not often that people (you) send me football cards. I remember really liking the early 90s Upper Deck ones, and maybe I should look more into that, but my hands are already full enough as it is. Nevertheless, those are really great.

LT !

Warren Moon & one Bo.

4 less 93 Upper Decks to chase, including this sweet Sandberg ! And the team checklists from the early 90s (in basketball as well) have always been a favorite of mine.

Now, for my main collection : Blue Jays

8 (yes, 8) autos, straight from the man who claims he sends nothing high end. Ok, those are prospects I've never heard of, BUT STILL.

Speaking of prospects...

Oddballs ! I love those Toys r Us cards.

An entire 82 team set was included, and I needed a dozen of those mustaches.

3 beauties ! Ok, the Bowman design is blah, but I'm pretty sure I'm not missing very many Carter base cards from his Toroton playing days, so I'm always happy to catch one new.

One of those useless "Home team advantage" parallel sets. Tom sent the complete 21 card Blue Jays one.

The early 2000s no mans land. The Halladay Opening Day is actually a numbered parallel.

And finally, the modern portion ! And yes, the Heritage card is an SP, and the Bowmans are....*sigh*...parallels.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to put together this very thoughtful package (there were even Knicks cards, not shown here) ! The return package is on its way, and it was very tough for me to even things out !


  1. Great stuff! Love the Griffeys and Giants.

    I recently started doing the you send me and I send you trade approach. I like it better than the nitty gritty approach. also more fun to see what surprises are sent to you

    1. I agree, there's nothing quite like the art of blind trading ! That's the only thing I go for

  2. Um, I still contest there's nothing high end there. Especially when I can get autos at my LCS by trading away Cardinals I have no use for.
    I'm glad you liked the package! Thanks for the trade!

    1. the good news is I don't really care about high end ! That was one huge fun package to sort out, thanks again

  3. CG Keith Hernandez is creeping me the hell out.

    1. I think it comes alive if you look at the screen and say his name 3 times

  4. Love those oversized 80's Topps oddballs. Great package.