Friday, July 24, 2015

Vacation in France, and pulling a friend's card

So I just got home from my week-long holiday.
I don't travel much, to tell the truth, and hardly ever venture far from my place, so this was quite an adventure. I live near Paris, which means I don't see the sea from my window (nor the Eiffel Tower), and I missed it. So I accepted the invitation of  my best friend to go and see her in Saint Malo, in Britanny.

Here's why I accepted :

It's really a beautiful place, I'll definitely be going back !

On a completely unrelated note, my friend Rich (aka Buck 65) has his card featured in this year's A&G set. I was so excited for him when he told me ! Talk about a dream come true...he even pulled his own card while opening a box yesterday. His auto can also be found on Ebay already (I wonder how many cases are opened on the first day of release).

Here's the base card :

I'm super psyched !

Anyway, vacation is over, it's back to sorting out cards and building stacks ! (and mailing trades, also...beware !)


  1. Your friend may have the most stylish baseball card ever!

    That looks like a very relaxing vacation.

  2. hello friend! appears to be a wonderful vacation spot! i love the ocean too. glad you're back!

    1. thanks, Julie ! Now, I definitely need to send you some cards so you'll finally feel right at home, even though you're far from the ocean !

  3. Wow. Truly beautiful. Gotta add France to my bucket list. As for the card... that's pretty awesome. I wonder how many TTM requests your buddy is going to receive this year.