Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Clear eyes full heart can't lose (and an Olerud auto)

Comc was nice enough to deliver my cards the day before I leave for a few days (yeah, I'm on holidays right now, for another couple of weeks). How thoughtful. Which means I'm able to show off those little gems that I won off Ebay at the beginning of June :

This one's been on my radar for a long time. Except I couldn't find copies for less than $15. This one I snatched for $7. Go figure....He wasn't included in the core four voted by fans for the ASG (Carter, Halladay, Delgado and Alomar), but he wouldn't have been undeserving !

Same here : I knew I wanted it the minute I saw it pop up on the Tier One checklist. Delgado still seems very popular, because it took several tries to land it.

There are 233 Adam Lind autos out there. This is my 9th. I'll get there...

A random card, but I do like those relics from Heritage.

Any card of Big Frank in a Blue Jays uniform is a welcomed addition. But is it me, or is the logo flipping me the bird ?

Ted Williams has always been one of my favorite players (I still need to know who my true favorite player would be, outside from Griffey. I need to think about it). This is a really thick patch card that I thought looked nice enough.

Those were fillers. ie cards that I bought so I wouldn't pay $2 Comc fees just for one card (it's $2 for 4 cards also). I picked what the seller had (and I think I lost the bid on the actual card I wanted), and I'm pretty happy with my choices. Very nice looking cards.

 Same here. It was 99cts. Poor Dontrelle.

I've mentioned it before, but I used to collect Pooh Richardson cards. So I figured it was high time for me to acquire one of his autos. Plus, obviously, considering how cheap they are, it's pretty safe to say I'm the only one who's ever collected his cards.

This is the fourth card I get from that (gorgeous) set. The fourth cheap one. Now, it's going to get trickier if I want to expand the collection.

And finally, a couple of Knicks cards. I don't care much for Antetokounmpo (and no, it's not the same as the Bucks player. It's his brother, Giannis. He got drafted in 2014 but hasn't played for the Knicks), but I thought the patch looked really nice.

So there, I finally received the last package I was expecting ! I can now go spend a few days in Britanny wis a clear mind...


  1. If I ever have a son, his name will be Thanasis Giannis Lehman.

    1. He will automatically get called the Greek Freak.

  2. Nick pickup on the Olerud auto. I'm always looking out for those, but good deals are hard to come by.

  3. Hey - I liked Pooh Richardson back in the day! Original T-WOLF! I think I'd probably collect his stuff today if I wasn't trying very hard to avoid collecting anything other than Baseball.

    That's a great Olerud Auto, too.

  4. Nice pickups. Looks like Lind managed to get the Jays their staff ace Estrada.

  5. I always liked getting Pooh Richardson cards in my packs. I never went out of my way to collect him, but he certainly stood out. I may have to pick up one of those autos for myself.

    I do like the designs on the Heritage relics as well.

  6. Where are the bananas? Good stuff Papoy! I think you were bidding against me for the Delgado...