Friday, July 10, 2015

Marky Mark and the Vintage bunch

Mark is a mysterious man. He doesn't blog, but he reads and trades a lot. He's also known as the Vintage Guy (I'm known as the French guy. Not a bad moniker, but come on, I should be able to do better than that). And since I love vintage (who doesn't ?) and don't add as many to my collection as I'd like to, I'm always very excited to receive one of his trade packages.

Yeah. I know. You can't be less vintage than 2015 Stadium Club. But Mark is full of surprises ! This is actually my first taste of the set everybody's been raving about, and I have to admit it lives up to the hype (ok, I've only seen two, but I've seen countless photos of the others, and now I know what the card stock and general feel are). $70 for 100 cards is still too much for me (especially since I have to add $15 S&H) so I won't pick up a box right away, but maybe we'll bust one open for our monthly box break with Matt.

I already had the Reyes, and those cards look very nice, especially for a Donruss product. (and it's still not vintage, I know)

 This could be vintage, but it isn't. Still, it's a very nice framed GQ !

And here comes the vintage part, and the bulk of the trade. Mark had promised me he'd try to find as many Knicks vintage as he could, and he sure did !

Including a nice Phil Jackson. Let's hope he manages to rebuild this summer. So far, I haven't been impressed. At all.

This just may be the greatest name ever.

And finally, Mark noticed how in love I was with those oversized 1976-1977 (which incidentally is the year I was born) Topps cards, so he included a bunch of superstars from that set. Beautiful, beautiful cards !

Thanks a lot Mark, I already have some Red Sox and Celtics put aside for you !


  1. If I ever have a little boy I'm going to name him Hawthorne Wingo Scott. Sounds very high society.

    Let's could be the book guy, the gold glove guy....nah you're the French Guy!

    Great stuff from Mark. TSC is on the short list for our next break.

  2. Living in an area with no local pro team for hundreds of miles, I have no official team. I usually root for random players. However I usually am a secret Knicks fan (which I assume most of their fans are these days). I hope Phil can turn them around soon. I'd be glad to support them.

  3. The Tall basketball cards are very cool - If I were a Hoops collector, I'd probably have tried to start building one of those sets....

  4. I'll keep digging for some for you. Enjoy the hoop cards

  5. I am not a basketball fan but who wouldn't love those funky 70s Topps? Way far out!