Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We're leaving together

Here’s the final breakdown (I hope you have that Europe song in your head now) on yesterday’s ugly lot.

Total cards : 660
Duplicates inside the lot : 260
Cards I already owned : 205
New Blue Jays added to the collection : 195

It’s not that bad, but it’s still .20 cts per card.
195 cards and not a single one I want to scan to brag about and show the world. That’s the really sad part.

And for that price, I could’ve picked 2 00 cards I actually wanted off the Beckett marketplace. I’ll probably stick to that for a little while. I’m waiting to see what I’ll get in that 800 card lot I’ll receive in a few days, but my new motto in life is : lower your expectations. It’s a good rule.

The last couple of weeks have been pretty bad so far. A package including two Upper Deck boxes apparently got lost (what kind of seller sends internationally without a tracking number ?), so I haven’t opened a single pack this month. But things are looking up. There appears to be a whole bunch of great people on the internet (who could've guessed?), but more about that later.

Anyway, the duplicates are in a shoebox. Under my bed. Behind my cardboard lifesize Michael Jordan that I never got myself to throw out (yes, I made one of those). I never want to see them again. Nor do I want to hear about 80s cardboard before a while.

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