Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sometimes you win...

I really love getting team lots off ebay, and I was really excited about that package.
600 Blue Jays cards from 1980 to 2010.
The listing on ebay added that there were some stars and minor stars. Great way to discover new cards and new sets and spend an entire evening sorting them out !

Well, almost.

The package finally arrived (I was expecting it last Thursday), and as soon as I opened the boxes, I knew there was a problem. No gloss, no foil, just cardboard. Plain old cardboard. And when you spot some 1990 Bowmans, you know you’re in trouble. Now, I love those old sets just as much as the next guy, but let’s take a closer look.

See ?
Don't be shy, look closer.
Yes, you're right.
Nothing but crap.

86 Topps: 48 cards
87 Topps : 70 cards
88 Topps : 69 cards
89 Topps : 48 cards
90 Donruss : 101 cards ! I mean, come on, what does he think I do with these cards that I’d need over 100 of them ? The blank Word sheet I’m writing these lines on are worth more than the cardboard the cards are printed on.

There are about 80 Upper deck cards, all from 90 to 92 (and a couple from 96 that just got lost in there somehow), and a few Collector’s Choice, some Topps from 1998, 2008 and 2010, 5 Pinnacles and 12 Stadium Clubs (but 6 different cards). So yeah, they DO range from 1980 to 2010. That’s true. 90% from before 1992, but still, the ad was correct.

To show you the extent of the damage, here are the two best cards out of the 600 card lot

An insert ! the only one, actually.

And the nine worst

And well, at least I can find the best Iorg 87 Topps in mint condition….

I’m expecting another lot. 800 cards. From the 80s to now, as is written by the seller. All of a sudden, I’m not that excited.

I’m actually a little disgusted, since I paid…let’s see…20$ plus 20$ for S&H. Considering that there were over 200 duplicates, that's 10ct per card. Even without the s&h, it’s a total rip-off. With the s&h, I feel outrageously stupid for not asking the seller what was exactly in those two 300 count boxes. That’s the good news though, I have brand new boxes to put away my sets in. I was getting short on them. And once I stop fulminating and grumbling, I’ll actually look closer and see if there were some cards I was missing for my collection. Maybe 100 or so. Let’s be optimistic and not quit the hobby just now !


  1. Who was the seller? I have had the same issue-in fact I bought a lot and it was not as described-described at 1977-2013 lot of Cardinals' cards. In fact it was 1982-1996 with a couple of 2003 Fleer. I have been buying some but I haven't reviewed them because they have stunk. I actually opened a case on Ebay against the seller for inaccurate description and won the case and got a refund. Here is a review of one lot on my Blog.


    1. It wasn't really the same, as the guy did not mislead. We exchanged a couple of mails, and the communication was good. He apologized, said that most people were happy with the lots, that he hardly earns anything on them (a couple of dollars) because he offers free shipping (not to France though...), but that he will change the description in the listings. Looks like your seller really made some false advertising though, glad you won the case !

      I just feel stupid for getting my hopes up.

      And I'm the same as you, I'm just trying to get as many cards from the post-overproduction era, those are the ones I'm really missing

  2. Yeah, a shame, i am always very sceptical about these lots as they usually contain a lot of doubles and crapy cards. Let's hope your next batch has a few cool cards included !

    1. from now on I'll only buy a lot if I know precisely what's in it !