Friday, August 15, 2014

Getting serious

So after that first batch of random boxes, I decided to really get my hands dirty. I got my order from Dave & Adam's  pretty fast. S&H was 60$, so that always hurts but hey, it's summertime, I'm not planning on going anywhere for my holidays (yeah, we get 5 weeks off with pay, in France. You should try it), I might as well spend my money here instead of the beach. For a short moment, I knew how it felt to spend christmas in the southern hemisphere.

The box you can't really see is a 94 series 2 Upper deck. The packs include some Allen & Ginter's (2013), one Heritage, Archives, SP and some Triple Play put in there for free from the good folks at Dave& Adam's. I was a little disappointed to find that my retro box, that was supposed to include 99 UD baseball packs actually had some 98 Collector's choice in it (and I got a box of that right before). They quickly offered a refund or store credit. Always nice to deal with some great customer's service.

It took me over 2 hours to open all the packs. Two full hours of pack busting ! My life felt complete. Pathetic, of course, but hey, you need to choose your battles.

The Allen & Ginter's yielded a Kimbrel relic, so that was nice, and it was my first encounter with all the other silly (and amazing) cards from the set. I have no idea what to do with the mini cards, but I'm smart and ressourceful, I'll figure it out.

There was also an A-Rod GU in there. In the 90s, I'd have been jumping all around and doing cartwheels with such a pull, but nowadays, it's incredibly common. Plus, who cares about A-Rod in 2014 ?

Oh, and there also was an Omar Vizquel GU numbered to 100, so that was cool, especially since I really like that player (I love Gold Glovers, actually, hence Griffey Jr). I might as well warn you, you're about to see my first scanned card !! Hold your breath, here it comes

Now that was something...

So here I am, with some cards to sort, but also with a 25$ store credit to use...what to do with it..... ?

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