Friday, August 29, 2014

Smoke cards everyday

Well, all I had to do was summon the post office Gods yesterday, and tadah, today I got not one, but two packages !
One is the 800 Blue Jays card lot, and the other is the other end of a trade I made with The Dutch card guy. I saw that he had some needs for some mini A&G I had, so I asked him if he wanted to be friends and to solidify the European Union through some French-Netherlandish love. Of course, he agreed to my sweet talking (who wouldn’t?). I had no idea what he was sending me, other that it contained Blue Jays cards. There were 50 of them, and only about a dozen I already had.
The funny thing is that customs actually opened the package to check what was in it (there are no customs charges inside the EU, it’s the whole point of it). For those of you who have never traveled to Europe, let’s just say that The Netherlands is the equivalent of your state of Washington now, as far as pot is concerned (‘nuff said).

Here are cards from sets I had never seen before (still catching up). I really like the Fleer one, and he managed to find a Pacific card that's not ugly, so he gets points for that. I'm also glad to be able to add some Frank Thomas cards to my Blue Jays collection.

Next up, some 90s cards I was missing. I'm missing a ton of inserts from those days, but not that many from the base sets. So I'm happy to add those to the binders. You can't go wrong with Stadium Club and Ultra anyway.

Some nice, more modern cards. Does anyone actually try to put together the Documentary set (I saw a team set on ebay, I'll probably go for it). Looks like fun though. I don't know why, but I really like those UD Ovation. It's surprising because I usually like action shots, but I think the feel of the cards is amazing.

More cool cards from modern sets (I really like the Halladay A&G) and a subtle use of gold foil from Topps with the first 2.

I really love that card. Not just because it's a 07/50 relic, but just because it looks real nice. I'll have to look into that Tier One set, it looks promising. 

That's it for my first trade ! Thanks a lot, mister Dutch Card Guy, looking foward to the next trade, even though I do feel the balance was in my favor.

As for the 800 card lot, nothing much to say about it. Basically what I expected, with a lot of cardboard from the 80s and early 90s, but enough different brands and lack of duplicates for me not to complain too much about it. Plus, there were a few high end cards, for good measure. This will be the last lot of the sort that I'll buy though, as my 80s checklist is well filled. Always fun to sort 800 cards and to add them to my spreadsheet.