Saturday, August 30, 2014

Busting some packs

Second straight day with cards in the mail, so I'm officially happy (I'm easy to please).
This time, a package from ebay that took a month to get there (the guy took 3 weeks to send it is more like it, even though he claims the first shipment got lost), that included 2 boxes of 1999 Upper Deck (series 1 and series 2) along with some 1996 SP. In place of a 'I'm sorry' note, the seller sent a few freebies : a pack of 2000 Ultimate Victory (there was a Blue Jay card in there and the Griffey base card, so yay), 1998 Bowman (Bonds and Mariano Rivera), 1996 Bowman's Best (maybe the most ugly cards in the universe) and 2001 UD (got an ecard. I have no idea what an ecard is).

Those were my first packs of the month. I feel much better now.

Here's the breakdown on the 12 packs of 96 Sp. Some nice inserts, a Griffey base card and...only one Blue Jays card. Go figure. I'll have to check the checklist, maybe no other teammate made the cut.

I really need to be less lazy and put the cards back straight when I see that I scanned them wrong. I'll procrastinate on that one.

I actually really like that Griffey and his signature smile.

I'll write a post about the 1999 UD boxes as soon as I sort them out


  1. It's strange that it's not the same as the one pictured on the Beckett issue I scanned the other day. Maybe the latter one is a promo. I'll have to ask The junior Junkie