Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Too $hort

Today, I'll keep it nice and short. I'll just show off a couple of cards that were sent to me, out of pure kindness, by fellow bloggers.

This was sent by Adam, from Cardboard Clubhouse, as a Christmas giveaway, along with several other cards for my PC. But this one really stands out. Impossible not to love Casey Stengel cards. Even (especially) in a Mets uniform.

I claimed that card a few weeks ago and Tony (offhiatus, of course) was nice enough to send it to me via Matt (thanks !). I never thought I'd own a Sadaharu Oh card one day (Ok, I never really thought about it), and this is a 1987 Play Ball Japan card, from a 42 card set. This looks to be a manager card. Which would make sense since he retired in 1980 and this is the Yomiuri Giants logo. I'm such a great card detective...I should definitely try to add one from his playing days, now !

thanks a lot guys, those are very appreciated ! 


  1. I was glad to get an assist on the trade.

    1. And I was glad that Matt was sending stuff over so that I could get that card to you more quickly than otherwise I might have!

  2. Topps should come out with an All-Japanese insert set or something with all the greats from Japanese baseball. There needs to be more cards of guys like Sadaharu Oh.

  3. Got the cards you sent in the mail today, awesome! Thanks again and I'll try to get a package out to you soon.

  4. Love the Oh. Great card. Tony comes through