Sunday, December 6, 2015

Ready for takeoff

Well, this took forever to sort and put together, but they're ready to leave the country for better homes.

I still need a few addresses from those who claimed lots, so check your emails, I need to go to the post-office tomorrow, because after this I'm working non-stop until Christmas !

If anybody else is interested in some of the lots I have to offer, don't hesitate, they're up for grabs until I wake up tomorrow !


  1. You've been busy! Looks like your offering was a success.

  2. The Santa Project, ready to take to the skies. Delivering cardboard happiness to many a good blogger. Or is this a last minute attempt to erase all your naughtiness from the past year so the real Santa fills your nylons with presents? You may have won him over!

    1. I hope Santa doesn't see clear through me like you do ! 2015 was a particularly crappy year in France, I hope this helps change the course...