Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Free cards : claim your lots !

Ok, so I started looking at what exactly I had to give away.

Looking at my piles, I feel bad actually asking for money for such cards, even if it's just for postage. So here's what we'll do : you can claim any lot (or even several team lots). Yup, just like that, because it's Christmas. I would love to make new trades, so if you feel like sending cards back my way, that'd be great (anything from my Gold Glovers collection or other PC there on the right other than Blue Jays or Griffey base cards). If not, that's ok, I'm happy to just offer some cards that are taking up space.

I should probably take pictures of the lots to spike interest, but quite frankly, I'm too lazy to organize them properly just right now. But what I have to give away is pretty basic, so text will be enough !

I'll do this on a first come first served basis for obvious reasons. All lots come with no duplicates and include at least 50 cards, I'd say.

And if it turns out that nobody loves me, I'll just do what us French people do : drink wine, eat cheese and complain about everything.

Lot 1 : team lots with a little bit of everything. Mainly mid 90s base cards, but stars and semi-stars included. About 50 to 100 cards each.  You can pick up to 3 teams.
Teams already claimed : Reds, Braves. Yankees. Rays. Dodgers. Astros. Red Sox. Giants. Pirates. Mets

Lot 2 : 2013 Allen & Ginter's + 2013 Heritage (about 50 cards) CLAIMED

Lot 3 : PANINI ! Half 2013 Home town Heroes, half 2015 Diamond Kings (about 50 cards) CLAIMED

Lot 4 : 94 + 95 Pinnacle + 94 Select

Lot 5 : 93 Leaf. 3 of those should be available

Lot 6 : Stadium Club. Some 1991, some 97, some 2002, some 2003 (150 cards)

Lot 7 : 95 Upper Deck

Lot 8 : 93 Fleer Ultra (2 lots available)

Lot 9 : 96 + 97 Upper Deck

Lot 10 : 92 Stadium Club (2 lots available)

Lot 11 : Misc Upper Deck: 2005 Pros & Prospects, 2001, 2009, 2007 (100 cards)

Lot 12 : 94 Stadium Club

Lot 13: 2012 Topps (2 lots available)

Lot 14 : 2014 Topps (Series 1)

Lot 15 : 94 Upper Deck CLAIMED

Lot 16 : 1999 Upper Deck MVP + 1995 Collector's choice SE (3 lots available)

Lot 17 : 1993 Upper Deck (4 or 5 lots available)

Lot 18 : Griffey Jr lot

Lot 19 : Mattingly lot

Lot 20 : Bo Jackson + Deion Sanders lot CLAIMED

And that about covers it.
Also, if there are Blue Jays players you collect, don't hesitate to let me know, I have a ton of each.
Let the claiming begin !


  1. I'd like the Bo Jackson/Deion Sanders lot. I'll get some stuff to you in return. Thanks.

  2. I'd love to claim the Yankees and Rays. Thanks! I'm going to finally take the plunge and learn about trans-Atlantic shipping. I'll definitely put together a return package for you.

  3. I'm guessing I'm already down for the Braves., but wanted to say congrats on your book. I know 2 people that have written them and know what a pain it is

  4. As I mentioned via email, I'll claim any Reds you've got and I'm pretty sure I can send a few things in return.

    Also, congrats on the book!

  5. I'd be happy to claim your Dodgers and happy to send some cards overseas so you can complain about them while you sip your wine and eat your cheese.

  6. Gimme Hometown Heroes and Diamond Kings please. And if you have any extra Josh Donaldson's laying around, I just found out my little nephew is getting into cards and that is one of his favorite players.

  7. Congrats on your book Kevin! You make-ah me proud. Sooo since your getting rids of cards, how about dem Astros? I can't believe I'm collecting them now - after giving them away for twenty years. I've also started a Rays collection...NOT. I do have another package just about ready to hit the mail. Hmm...Christmas cards are around the corner too. Better lay off the naughty for the rest of the year. ; )

  8. I'll lay claim to the Ginter lot, and any Jose Bautista coolness you may have. I'm sure I have a stack of Gold Glovers to send your way, particularly Andruw.

  9. I'll lay an additional claim to the 94 Upper Deck lot please ... if that's within the rules.

  10. Is that Lot 6 Stadium Club still available?