Sunday, December 27, 2015

Gavin : my cardsphere hero

Gavin sent cards my way.

I'll pause for effect.


For those who don't realize the whole extent of that sentence, let's just say that Gavin does not like having to deal with the Post Office. And is very vehement about it. Which means international trading is usually out of the question. It's too bad considering how much I enjoy his blog and that we seem to have the same approach towards the hobby, but I can only respect his issues with the post office ! So it's an understatement to say that I was (very happily) surprised when Gavin approached me about sending some of his famous Christmas giveaways and including me in this year's recipients. I now officially feel like I'm part of the family ! It's never easy having to sit by myself at the foreigners' table eating Brussels sprouts while everybody else enjoys his turkey at the cardsphere (yup, coined by Gavin) table.

Before I get to the cards Gavin sent, and while I'm on the subject of the Post Office, I'm always worried that the packages I send don't make it across the Ocean. If you received your Christmas giveaways I sent at the beginning of the month, could you please raise your hands, that way I'll be reassured ? Thanks !

 Custom cards are the best. And this is the last number, which makes it extra special.

Another custom, this time from the (very) limited Cardsphere heroes set Gavin created. Glad to land one of the Griffey parallels !

A more official Griffey, and a much needed one.

More needed Blue Jays, with plenty of shininess of former great players.

And finally, more of a little bit of everything, including those 91 UD team logos that you can never have enough of !

Thanks a lot Gavin for including me in the mix, I'll make sure to send cards back your way ! (my post office lady is a very nice person who always makes me pay very low fares)

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and that your stockings were filled with cards. As for myself, I did get a couple of boxes, but the nincompoop that I am made an error in his spreadsheet, and I asked for a box (99 Stadium Club series 2) that I had already had previously, and I wasn't missing that many cards for the set. A well !


  1. Does your post office lady have some discretion on how much she makes you pay for postage? Man, I'd be bringing that woman better Christmas and birthday gifts than I got my nieces and nephews.

    1. let's say that she makes me pay the letter cost instead of package. Costs me $7 per package instead of $18. And Tony, there was an envelope for you normally !

  2. Glad you like! Yeah, it's not too bad for me sending internationally as long as I keep it to a PWE so I can use the automated kiosk. I don't think I can take credit for the UD Vintage Griffey, though.. must have snuck in from a different trade package.

    1. oops ! my stacks got mixed up ! I think it was sent by bad and sorry Riccardo !

  3. I have three post offices in my area, but they are all understaffed. My main day to visit is Saturday and many times they would only have 1 person. That is why I started using for most of my mailings.